7 Things You Owe Nobody At All

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How was the weekend? Mine was turnt of course thanks to all of you. 😊 I must say I really appreciate the love, you guys made my day. I love you 😚

Having said that, it's time to get back to business. For those of us who are doing the Self Love Challenge  , how has it been? Do you feel even a slight change in the aspect of loving yourself?  Are you having any difficulties? Please let me know in the comment section ❤

Now to the business of the day...

Do you know that every decision you make and everything you do in life should be based solely on YOUR own preferences and nobody else's? In other words, you owe nobody any explanation regarding any of your life decisions as long as it doesn't hurt them in the process. Now this might sound rather cruel or harsh but please don't take it the wrong way. I'm not saying that you shouldn't go about with your chin so high up without paying attention to people, as a matter of fact for you to love and appreciate yourself and your choices more, you need to show love and respect to people BUT, when you start asking people consciously or unconsciously for "permission" to make decisions for yourself, then that's where the problem is.
While growing up, we've all been told how becoming a particular thing or behaving in a particular way or even hanging out with a certain calibre of people is what we are supposed to do . As we grow into who we are today, we realize that this way of life doesn't really appeal to us again. We find ourselves yearning for how to do things our own way without anybody's opinion getting in the way. Even at that, we still meet certain people who one way or the other tell us what to do and how to do it by the way of their judgemental attitude,side comments,etc - this is very toxic because they might even be selling us their own dreams at the expense of ours!

In this post, I have compiled some very crucial things you don't owe nobody.

☆The Love You Need To Give Yourself
We keep talking about self love but what good is it if you are depriving yourself of that love? Some people hide under the umbrella of being selfless and kind but when you check properly, they are so unhappy with themselves. It's only a matter of time before that one you're sharing dries up because it's coming from a place filled with hate and anger. Be kind, Be Selfless, but first love yourself.

☆ The Respect You Should Be Showing Yourself
It's almost like the First one. It's important that you show yourself, your body and every aspect of your life the proper respect. Respect is not only meant for others. You should also be able to respect yourself to distance yourself from anything that doesn't serve you, grow you or make you happy. Respect yourself enough to be you and nobody else - that is the ultimate respect you can show yourself.

☆ The Authority To Approve You
Knowingly or Unknowingly, we've given other people the power to endorse, validate and to authenticate us because we hold them in high esteem. It's a good thing to have those we look up to and those whose opinion we really hold dear, but allowing these people's opinion be the reason you take actions for yourself will only cause an irreparable damage for you. Be you and do you. Nobody knows what you want and how much you want it more than you. By depending on the approval of somebody before doing something that will only serve you is using another's clock to work.

☆ Explanation About Your Relationships
You owe nobody any explanation about who you relate with except you want to tell them. If the kind of relationships you find yourself in are not good for you, truth is deep down you know and only you can consciously remove yourself from such relationship. Also whether you like it or not, even if you're in a wonderful relationship with people who will grow you and make you a better person, there are people who will still see the worst in them and question that relationship or worst still, tell you to detach yourself yourself from such people. Nobody has that kind of power in your life except you. Just have that at the back of your mind.

☆ The Power To Repeatedly Break Your Heart
This is way easier said than done, I know because I have been there and I'm guessing so have we all. I was watching Project Fame yesterday and there was this guy that sang a song which I don't even remember now but the dancers (a guy and a girl) did a sort of dance drama showing how the dance guy was mistreating the girl and the guy who was singing was telling the girl to come to him that he'll treat her right and all that. Long story short, after all the love that the singer had professed to her she was already going to him but the other guy just came and turned her face to him and she just followed him like he was using a remote for her. So simple yet so powerful was what I thought to myself after watching that performance. When we allow people to break our hearts repeatedly, we give them a power over us and honestly it takes a very strong will on our parts to break ourselves from their "hold" because we keep thinking and rethinking all the "what ifs". The most blissful moment is when we allow ourselves to heal once and for all.

☆ A Change In Your Fashion, Style or Appearance
You might think this is not supposed to be in the list but trust me when I say it is. My friend Kuti has this saying on her blog (you can check it out HERE), I think it's her motto "You are your style". I absolutely love this statement, it doesn't say "They are your style" or "We are your style", it says YOU. This means that you don't owe anybody any explanation if you decide to change how you dress, how you look or whatever it is you refer to as your style. It is your decision to make and not anybody's. We know that people can be very judgemental especially in this part of the world,  don't let anybody dull your sparkle.

☆ A Reason For Investing In Yourself
You don't owe anybody a reason for investing in yourself. When you like a particular thing that makes you happy and you will eventually give you satisfaction, don't hesistate to go for it. Some people might look at you and conclude that it is not good for you or that it is not a 'wise' choice or decision, like I said before, it's not theirs to make, it's yours. Create a life that feels good on the inside, not just one that looks good on the outside.

That's all for now guys, do you agree with this post? What other things can be added to the list? I would love to know in the comment section.

Have an amazing week ahead!


  1. Great post, truly inspiring. I understand what it means to have a big God guiding you throughout your path in life.
    P.s love your blog, definitely going to come back again.

    1. Hey Praise, thank you so much for stopping by, your comment made my day❤.


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