#MondayInspiration || Life Lessons From "Queen Of Katwe"

Happy New Month Guys!

I pray that all of our expectations will not be cut short in this month of April. Amen

The first quarter of the year has ended wow!  If you were to look back and evaluate yourself based on how close you are to your dreams, how effectively and efficiently you worked towards achieving those dreams, how would you evaluate yourself?
Probably, you didn't do as much? Not to worry you're not alone. Fortunately, today's #mondayinspiration is going to gear us up as usual into this second quarter and hopefully this time around, we'll nail it!

I saw the movie 'Queen of Katwe' yesterday and while watching it, I told myself I had to do a post on it. I learned a lot from that movie and I'll be sharing some life lessons from it.

1) There is Sense in Nonsense: We are so quick to write off certain situations that happens to us without even considering what good can come out of it. If you look deeply, you'd find a gem amidst that rubble.
Phiona was a 'dirty' slum girl who had been written off and thought of as an ordinary maize seller, but because the coach looked deeply and saw that there was a hidden potential in her, he groomed her till she became master in the chess championship. Don't be so quick to write off that thing or that person, look again.

2) Sometimes The Place You're Used to is Not Where You Belong: In otherwords, come out of your comfort zone. It's safe yes, but there's so much more outside that place that you've confined yourself to. It can be very scary because you might have to start doing things differently but eventually it is always worth it. If Phiona didn't take a leap, she probably won't have been able to compete in Sudan and Russia. Take a leap.

3) Never Surrender to Failure: David Oyelowo's character made a remarkable statement, he said 'never tip your king' obviously this was said in the chess context, but from what I understand, tipping your king means giving up, it means surrendering and this is definitely not a  characteristics of a winner. Failure is not an option if you want to win in this game of life. Even if at some point, it goes wrong and you fail, you shouldn't give up because a lot of people are running this same race so you giving up only provides another person an advantage.  It does not matter whether you fail, what matters is that you reset the pieces and play again. You are a winner, always remember that.

4) The Small One Can Become the Big One: No lies here, even the bible says the last shall become the first. (Matt 20:16)
Anything can happen, that is why it is always good not to despise the days of our humble beginnings. Appreciate those times when nobody was even looking at your side, because it's only temporary. You think that the way you are now is the limit for you? It's only the starting point, there's so much room at the top for you and in due time, you'll attain that height.

5) Contentment is Key: This is one thing I always appreciate my parents for instilling in me. There are a lot of side bars that might want to distract us as we go higher, things that we feel will help us 'blend' in well; those things can mess with our heads and make us lose focus. It is important that we appreciate what we have and show gratitude for them at all times. As much as it's important for us to be contented, we cannot be complacent, Know the difference and stick to them.

6) Follow Your Plans and You'll find a Safe Square: Have a dream/vison, follow it, believe in yourself and in that dream, don't give up and have it at the back of your mind that you'll have a soft landing. Maybe not all the time, but there's always a way out, afterall where there's life there's hope.

Personally I've always wondered what the game of chess was all about, it particularly seemed very difficult for me, but seeing this movie has really opened my eyes and chess is one of the games I look forward to learning how to play. (Who wants to teach me?) I found it really amazing how just a board game relates so much to life situations and how much we all still need to learn when it comes to thinking strategically. I can't even exhaust all the lessons I learnt in this post, because they are numerous. If you haven't seen Queen of Katwe, you need to ASAP!

That's it guys!

Over to You...

Have you seen the movie 'Queen of Katwe'? What are your thoughts on it? Which one of these lessons can you relate to? I would love to know.

Enjoy the rest of the week!



  1. There is sense in nonsense.... Wow,I really need to watch this movie.

    I like the new blog design and I hope my comment shows the time around

    1. Hey Seyi! Your comment definitely showed this time around😊
      You should see the movie, you'd love it. Thanks for stopping byπŸ’•

  2. I read your blog that's very nice. thank you for posting this....
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    1. Hey Ram! Thank you so much for stopping by and reading❤


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