20 (Important!) Secrets For A Successful Life

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How are we enjoying this little holiday? Let me use this medium to felicitate with our Muslims friends. I pray that all our prayers will be answered and accepted.

It's #mondayinspiration again! Today we're looking at  twenty (20) very important and sure secrets to a successful life. I'm currently reading the book "Top 200 secrets to a Successful Life" and I decided to pick out a few of the things I have learned so far. I'm positive that it will inspire you and impact your lives. I wrote some verbatim while I paraphrased the others, either ways you'll get the message!

1) Sleep Less. The older you get, the lesser you have to sleep. It gives you extra hours to do things that are actually important to you.

2) Inspire Yourself. Whatever you think will make you grow intellectually, that will make you want to do more, look for it and do it.

3) Cultivate Good Manners. They're very essential.

4) Stay on Purpose, Not on Outcome. Do it because you love it or because it will help others, not for the money or fame. Those ones will follow later.

5)Take time to always laugh everyday and also make people around you laugh.

6) De-clutter your mind. An "untidy" mind can not do anything positive.

7) Adopt the Principle of Time Management. That way, there is a lot of time for achievement of the many goals we want to achieve.

8) Associate Yourself with Positive and Focused People. Be around people you can learn from and people who will not drain you of your virtue.

9) Have a Mission Statement in life. That is a set of guiding principles that state where you are going and where you want to be.

10) No one can Insult or Hurt you without your Permission. The way you interpret events in life is what will determine whether you've been insulted or not. You have the power to dismiss people's opinions.

11) Take time to read. Knowledge is power.

12) Treat People well. You gain nothing at all by being a bad person , remember what goes around, comes around.

13) Try Fasting at least once a week. Fasting has an effect on your willpower because you're able to control the urge to give in to what you love. Sacrifices like that are very necessary in life.

14) Practice forgiveness especially in situations where it is very difficult.

15) Never Stop Learning. The day you stop learning is the day you start dying.

16) Make Service an Important Goal in your life. It's not always about what the world can do for you but what you can do for the world.

17) Remain Slightly Aloof. Don't let everyone know everything about you. Cultivate a mystique.

18) Balance and Moderation are fundamentals for a happy life. Be wise.

19) Revitalize your spirit and sense of playfulness. It will keep you feeling strong and young.

20) Place importance on staying happy rather than amassing material possessions.

These are some very important tips to living a more fufilled life, and I hope you were able to pick out some things that will help out you on that path.

Over to You...

Which of these "Secrets" is your best? Which one do you want to improve on? I would love to know your thoughts.

Have a stress-free week!



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