6 Ways To Get Back From A SetBack

At some point in our lives, we experience certain setbacks whether in our career, academically, physically, to mention but few.

This feeling of being in a rut is not one that anybody enjoys, which is why we constantly look for ways to get back up after life might have thrown us some lemons at us.

For today's post I have put together five  (5) things to do in order to recover from setbacks.

1) Let Go: This is fast becoming one of my favourite mantras. Holding on to whatever might have caused you to be in that position will only do more damage because you'll keep gutting , worrying, complaining. That whole negative vibe is way too dangerous for your psychological stability. Letting go however releases you of the worry because then its not your problem anymore. A feeling of rest and inner peace replaces the initial stress.

2) Let it Out: Letting go is most times very difficult and it takes sometime. In the process of letting go, you have to let it out because one cannot work without the other. It doesn't matter how you do it, as long as the weight is lifted, you just do what you want. Is it crying, screaming, writing, just let it out!

3) Do Something New: Letting out all the bad energy makes room for good vibes. Now you just have to channel this newly found positivity to do something great. Is there a particular thing you've been itching to try out, something that when you look at it you'll be proud of yourself? Then do it!

4) Treat Yourself: Well because, YOLO! Setbacks can take a huge toll on us Physically and Psychologically as well. Making yourself happy is one of the fastest ways of recovering from a setback. You need to treat yourself right beacause technically, you're all you have. Don't stop Laughing and smiling.

5) Do Something For Someone Else: Genuinely putting a smile on someone's face will go a long way in making you feel better trust me. It is at that moment you'll  realize that you're still capable of doing something amazing. You'd also realize that where there's life, there's hope.

6) Stay Inspired: You to have to find your motivation and stay inspired! You have to hold on and stick to whatever it is that keeps you going. That way, you develop a more positive mindset about life. You make a conscious effort to let in things that will make you better and let go of things that won't.

Over to You...

What are the things you do that help you recover from setbacks? I would love to know?

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Have a blessed week...



  1. The points are so on point! Lol, pun intended 😝. Doing good for other people definitely helps in making one feel better and oh, treating yourself too. Someone like me would buy loads of cupcakes, shortbread, chocolates etc. Nice post hun.
    Life|Hello December

    1. Lol! Baby Girl you know this😊😊 Thanks for reading love πŸ’•

  2. One of the hardest thing in life is Letting you.
    But we just have to, and trust God for something better.
    Your Blog is Amazing.


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