GirlschatSeries 14 || What Seals The Deal For You?

Hey Lovelies,

How was you day? Superb I'm sure😊
Welcome to another #Girlschat. Last week's topic really garnered a lot of comments both on instagram and on the blog. I mean I got to really feel the pain of some ladies😧 but it was amazing to see a lot of people were willing to share their stories. Thank you guys! You rock!

So you know the other time we talked about  deal breakers ,we had a good laugh and we also learned a lot, today I decided to go with the opposite. After searching Google for the opposite of "deal breakers" and seeing some funny things I decided to settle with "deal sealers" even though it still sounds funny. You get the point though.

I asked a few ladies about what seals the deal for them and I got really wonderful answers.

Here goes...

 Moyin said: To seal the deal you have to be smart, in the sense that I need to be able to have have intelligent conversations, I need to be able to connect with you on a very friendly level before I start thinking of taking it further. I basically need to see that we are compatible. We may not have the same hobbies or likes but somewhere there is a chemistry that supercedes everything.
He doesn't have to be super rich but I need to see potential and serious action and finally, he has to make me want to be better. Push me to go for whatever i want, support me, feel free to criticize sef.

Ulochi said : There has to be this (inner) peace within me about him...and ultimately about us.
Yeah. These days days, "I love you" and all these mushy mushy stuff is not just enough. One has to look way beyond that...
First off, he Must have the fear of God.
He has to be a leader who is following God and ready to lead you in marriage as well.
That's the ultimate.
Every other quality will just tally.

Taiwo said: He must have conversed well with me
Give me reasons why I should consider him. Then I must like him

Aisha said : To grant him audience: Appearance matters to me as well as the way he speaks.
To go out with him: He has to be a good listener, polite, selfless and honest. Must be a good conversation holder.

I think these are all major keys when it comes to dating, and I'd have to agree with Ulochi, these days it goes beyond all them mushy mushy I mean it's so easy to get away with that. We need something deep for us to actually SEAL it!

Like I said when we talked about Deal Breakers, smartness is a very big plus in my good books. I'm all for potentials with actions of course. Complacency is not an option!

Humour also goes a long way in sealing the deal for me. If you read the letter I wrote to my future husband , you'd see how I elaborated on that.  I mean yeah we should be able to hold really feel conversations and also have our very silly moments too when we can take it to the "streets" and be real.

I also agree with Aisha, he must be polite, very gentlemanly and one that can pay attention very well. Not the one that he will just be opening mouth anyhow and talking without actually stopping to listen. There's honesty, good appearance, manner of approach, discipline, etc

At the expense of not sounding too clichΓ©, I have to say there's also very importantly, the fear of God. Some of us are just tired of jumping up and down and suffering from heartbreaks just because we're with people who just don't get that you really can't do it on your own. We need someone that we can grow with in every aspect of our lives.

I'll stop here today.

Over to You...

What are your "deal sealers"? How has it worked for you so far? I would love to know your thoughts.

P.s- Danie is talking about her "future baby" today 😊. Let's go check her blog



  1. Lol @Mide, my future baby noni . Lmao. Lovely post. My deal sealers ? Must be able to make me laugh amongst others.

    1. Lmao πŸ˜‚ If only I took time to read the rest of the post title πŸ˜†
      Yeah I agree, humour is a plus for me. Thanks for reading hun.


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