Dear Future Husband,

Dear Future Husband,

Get comfy because this is one long letter. Don't worry i won't start writing the lyrics of Meghan Trainor's "Dear Future Husband", but I actually think there are a few things we could pick up from that song you know? We'll get to that in a bit.

So I'm guessing that you're probably single like me or in a relationship with a girl you think will be your forever, I mean the caretaker can only do so much, but the landlord owns the house so goodluck with that because,I'll be waiting for you.
Writing this letter is both heartwarming and scary at the same time. Scary because the thought of going on this forever journey is quite a lot to down but heartwarming because I know that you'll be by my side through it all.

Before we get to the point where we have to talk about suits, dresses, location, etc there are some things that I just want to let you know which I'm hoping would make our marriage a beautiful one. It's not like I'm an expert in these things but I can assure you that this will not be a waste of your time.
I really hope you get to read this someday too.

You know that no matter how much they say men are all macho, unemotional and stuff, it's okay to bare it all with me right? You can save all the formalities for the outside people but not for me, I want to know how you're feeling, what you're thinking, if you're okay and just basically how you're doing. Remember communication is key, anyway I trust you my number 1 homie of life, if you don't tell me who do you want to tell? Lol
I know that you're going to be busy with work and providing for our family, but babe like they say "it takes two to tango" , so every once in a while, it'll be nice for us to do chores together, be involved in making our home a place to be and just making our lives more pleasant and comfortable. Forget all that crap about the kitchen being the woman's office, I know that I definitely have to keep you all stuffed and all but I also want to be pampered from time to time, you know sometimes breakfast in bed and not just on my birthday and our anniversary. Okay okay i know I'm not all mushy like that but I'm really going to put serious efforts into being somewhat romantic but that shouldn't stop your own gestures you know *just saying*.

Apologies work both ways love, let's drop the Ego and childish games. Yes I know that I can be quite stubborn but we are talking about the recipe for our happiness here and I'm certain that's not something to joke or play around with. So this is me saying that I'll really try to apologise if we have any misunderstanding. Yeah Yeah its easier said than done, let's just hope that tackle the problem before it gets out of hand but just remember that you also have a role to play.

I hope you're ready for my random dramatic outbursts because you know I'm a handful when it comes to that *wink wink*. I'm guessing that we would have reached a certain level of being comfortable with each other before we get married so things like me farting, belching really loud, singing and dancing at every given opportunity should not be new to you. Even when I burn the food like my friend Bukola, (you'll meet her soon enough) we could just laugh it off and order something though i know that i won't hear the last of it. I recently came across a page on Twitter "PMScareng", apparently they have gifts that you can send to your partner when she's on her period, I hope they'll stick around till when we're married. Just incase you're wondering the relevance of that last line, it's called dropping hints.

One thing that must not die in our home is humour, we have to keep it going So that our lives will be filled with continuous laughter and hopefully we would even pass the traits to our babies. Speaking of babies, I don't know if I'm to say this out loud but given this is a letter to you, let me just say that I'm terrified of the whole childbirth experience! All those gists that my aunt gives me about how the first pregnancy is, just scares the living daylight out of me. But like my dad always prays for pregnant women, I'm assured that the midwives of heaven will be present at the time of all my deliveries. A little advice though, just make sure you don't wear a tie that day and get ready for some random slaps sha. There's no escaping that.

Please don't prove people right by carrying me at every given opportunity just because I'm small, I mean it could be cute but thou shall not turn me to a paper weight that you could just lift at any time.
Well I know that just fell on deaf ears but it's a good thing I still put it out there you know.

Our families are both important so we're going to make them BOTH a priority. No checking on one side at the expense of another. Yoruba people will say when you marry someone, you marry the whole family, so we're going to show our families the love that they both deserve.

Something I have come to realize is that I tend to forget things, don't worry it's not a medical condition but I think my dad must have passed it on to me (you better don't tell him I said so), my point is that we might have a lot of forgiving to do when it comes to remembering special dates. To be forewarned to be foreharmed (I'm not even sure if that last part is correct)

In every step of the way, we have to honest with each other. Like i said earlier, i want to know everything that is going on with you because we are in this together, I'm not going anywhere and neither are you.
Let me just say that you're one lucky man because everybody keeps praying for you, every time I get calls from my aunties, they're always prophesying into your Life. For this reason, I bless God for the man he's moulding you into, for where you are at this present moment and for where he's taking you to. I cannot wait to start a life with you but while I wait my only prayer  for you is to find God, find yourself and then come find me.

From Your Missing Rib.

So you guys are probably wondering why I'm suddenly writing a letter to my future husband out of the blues yeah? Okay so my very close friend got married last weekend
and I was supposed to be there in fact, I was in charge of the bridal shower, but for reasons out of my control, I had to cancel at the last minute. Basically lets just call this letter my way of sulking because I'm still very much in that wedding mood.

Over to You..

I hope you enjoyed my letter? Have you randomly written a letter to future husband or wife? Do you agree with some of the things I wrote? I would love to know your thoughts.



  1. Enter your comment...Lol. quite detailed a letter you have there.
    I have so many letters here for my dear future husband as well. lol. And I hope to unravel it to him during our honeymoon. But it's beginning to seem like it's gonna take like forever. . . *sadFace.
    Well, I know he's finding himself just as I'm finding myself. . .*bigGrin.

    1. That's actually a very good idea.don't worry in due time, it'll happen. Thanks for reading dear.

  2. Quite interesting, maybe am gonna write in some years to come, when the hustle is pure and I can take care of her to her satisfaction. :D

    1. That would be nice☺thanks for reading dearπŸ’•

  3. I've never ever thought of writing a dear future husband letter but now I'm considering it. This was such a funnn read. I didn't want it to end and I'm not even your future husband

    1. Awww,thanks love😊 and yes you should write your own, I'll be waiting to reading it😊


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