Girlschat series 9 || Let's Talk About Deal Breakers

Hey Lovelies!
I can't believe it's another Thursday again! Big ups to you guys that are always taking time to visit my blog and also keeping it a date every Thursday with Danie and I, thank you so much and God bless you!

I had so much fun reading all your comments last week, I think we should hear from the boys once in a while or what do you ladies think? Don't worry this week is for us ladies but guys are welcome to join too.
Okay so, this week I'm back with something very interesting as well as important especially when it comes to relationships and guys generally.

Often times, a guy walks up to us with the intention of asking us out and certain things about him just puts us off, and there and then we decide it's a No No!
At other times, it might not even be a first sight thing, we might even find ourselves in relationships with these guys, and some of the characteristics they exhibit just makes us wish that we didn't agree to go on this ride in the first place.
As usual, I inquired from some ladies as to what some of their deal breakers are when it comes to guys and relationships and here's what they had to say...

Lolade said "Untrustworthy, Anger issues, Lacks a sense of humour, Not caring and attentive."
Winifred said "Short boys, Fair, Igbo, Mouth odour."

Naomi said "In guys: Mouth Odour and in relationships: Lies

Toluwani said "A guy that cheats, flirts or can't keep his eyes off other girls,the over spiritual type that tell us to pray every time, we are together and all talk is spiritual and no other form of communication... Experienced itπŸ˜„ it was a huge deal breaker. When I feel like am not being taken as a priority, every Other thing comes before me. When the relationship is always about him, A guy without a sense of humour."

Terna said " I so hate the impression most guys have of the relationship being solely the babe's responsibility, Like when it's anniversary dates and the likes.Then I know every guy has ego but when his ego can even be brought to issues of our hearts It's a huge turn off, I should be one of the few folks that can melt your heart. I also hate the involving friends and third parties in our affairs,  A bad dress, He doesn't have to be wearing designers but just looking good. Then I cant stand grammatical errors."

Dupsey said "Disrespect, Any form of hitting,Talkative, Diabolical."
Kiki said "Insecurity, as in the ones that get overly jealous and insecure about the randomest things, Anger management don't have to wait for them to slap you, Infidelity, as I bad reach, somebody will now be cheating on me, that's a no no, And then the ones that don't have goals...everything in their life is the next drink or the next party....if a guy doesn't have a long term goal that includes you then you're on a long thing."

Aisha said "It's cute to play jokes, act weird and all that but when it gets too much then it becomes so annoying for me. You know when a guy becomes over caring,for instance if you're scared about something and out of his care, he scares you more by over doing the caring thing. Another thing is of course is the lies and deceit plus those nonsense they use to say."

Temilola said "Liars!!! Fake guys."

I can't begin to explain how much this question and answer thing warms my heart, like every time I read these answers I can't help but smile (and laugh really hard too sometimes!) You ladies rockπŸ’‹

I bet a lot of ladies (myself inclusive) have a huge list of deal breakers when it comes to guys and then some others might have these turns offs but might decide to keep it under wraps so that it doesn't look like your standards are too high. As for me ehn, plenty things can be deal breakers and it's amazing to know that myself and some of the ladies I asked have quite a few things in common.
If you people are in this calabar, you will just be weak everyday, you see a really cute guy coming your way and you already start doing a mini victory dance, only for him to open his mouth and you just become overwhelmed with irritation.
I'm not even talking mouth odour now because whether man or woman, that one is just on another level. I'm talking about the kind of grammar that comes out from that mouth and to think that some of them start feeling so confident and ask you whether you can "sit-out". (I'll explain better in my post about NYSC diaries)

Moving on to more important things, Toluwani actually spoke my mind. All them Brother Paul and Matthew (no offence to anybody bearing these names) that want us to be praying and "kabashing" every time we're together haba, you should be able to keep a good relationship even when you're a spiritual person so that it doesn't get to the point where the sister begins to think of it as an issue. Please and Please do not get me wrong, I have no issue with Spiritual people. In fact I think it's absolutely necessary for both parties to have a relationship with God because like it or not we're in perilous times and the only way to do it right is to do it with God. Having said that, if you can't differentiate when you're conducting bible study from when you and Bae are having a normal conversation, then you need to see your pastor.

Another deal breaker for me is complacency, not being driven. I have come to realize that guys who are ambitious and are making even the slightest efforts towards getting what they want in life and making themselves better, get a plus in my good books. It's easy for someone to just come and say that they want to become CEO of blah blah, have you taken any steps towards becoming that CEO or your next goal is how to shut down Escape (where my lagiosians at?).

Don't even get me started on those ones that think that your world revolves around them, like dude I had a life before I met you so don't get it twisted. What about the Mike Tysons and Bash Ali or those ones that must not see you talking to another male specie? Let's not forget the ones that will engage you for three (3) years and then go ahead to do traditional wedding with another woman, only to call you back and tell you that they love you (Twitter fam let me see your hands). If you cannot comprehend a little humour or you cannot even make me laugh, boy bye!

I mean the list goes on and on, I won't even be able to stop writing if I decide to continue.
Dear Guys, at least make some efforts before you decide to walk up to us.

That's it from me today ladies.

Over to You...

What are your deal breakers or are you the "love don't care" type of girl? I would love to know your thoughts.
P.s-Danie has something amazing for us today, let's go check her blog



  1. the calabar guys, I swear I can totally relate. reminds me of my undergrad days. haha. I had this hot, tall, dark, CLEAN, fioneee guy in my department. whenever he starts talking I get a little pissed. lol. But u cant blame them with the mother tongue things.

    Also, another thing I cant stand is lies, lack of ambition, BAD GRAMMAR and pretence gosh, I hate liars and pretenders. Guys that talk too much are a big turn off. If you talk more than me, I cant have anything tangible to do with you. You call me on the phone and want to talk to me for one hour straight, wat the heck. ARE YOU GOD? lol.

    1. My dear, they are so plenty here ehn but I get the whole mother tongue thing too. I was going to add talking too much too, I mean can you at least listen?
      Thank you for stopping by Eudy πŸ’•

  2. Lool. Really hilarious post. I have many deal breakers mehn. I can't be with someone that isn't smart. Thinking about it now, I realise I've never been attracted to guys who aren't smart. Lol. And I don't want a flirt. Ugh. Nice post
    Laitanbee Blog

    1. Like what do we even want to be talking about it you're not smart? Thanks for stopping by hun❤

  3. I can't deal with mouth odour abeg. I can't deal with a guy overtly thats jus the height who has time to be raising another baby all in the Name of sweet boyfriend

    Musings of a thresher 1 

    1. Lol @ raising another babyπŸ˜‚ but I can totally relate, ain't nobody get time for that mehn..
      Thanks for reading FavourπŸ’•

  4. Lol, Mide, these your friends that send in replies tho... I just can't! "Igbo, short, mouth odour??" Lmao and them brothers Paul and Barnabas, hahaha. But I think first thing for me that turns me off straight up is manner of approach - how can you just whistle out to me or come up to be like you're one jagaban tattered and looking disorganised smelling of weed and alcohol, or worst pass bye in a car and hunk horn for me to come over, Jesu! Some guys can try it o. Some will be acting as if it's a privilege for them to be talking to you and funny enough, when you don't give some of them face, they'll start insulting you there on the road "See this one, she no even fine sef" mstchew. Secondly, I don't like all these Mr. come over let's chill, Mr. multicolor hair (blondes, red hair)
    Actually, there are others but let my comment not be too long. As usual great post.

    1. Lmao, my dear me see I'm always weak when i read the replies. Those ones with car are just irritants, as if we have never seen car before and all the agamas tooπŸ˜‚ The manner of approach is actually very important. Thanks for reading love.❤


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