Girlschat Series 7|| The Concept Of Sidechics

Hello Queens!

How has been your week so far? Fab I'm sure. Welcome to another Girlschat Series and today's topic as you might have noticed is quite a juicy one, so grab your popcorn, your drink and let's get cracking...whatever that means.

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Okay So when Daniella (I'm sure y'all know her by now) was talking to me about starting this collaboration, she listed some of the kinds of topics we would talk about and " the concept of sidechics" was one that caught my attention. Now ever since then I've been looking forward to writing about it. You're probably wondering why we're talking about "the other woman" but the truth is after looking in deeply, I realized there are quite a few things that we could draw out from this topic.
Make no mistake, we're not only talking about side chics in this post even though that's the topic, so y'all who have side boos, this might interest you too.
Like I said earlier, let's get crackingπŸ˜‰

To me, a Side Chic is basically the woman on the side...haha okay seriously, anyone who is not the main madam, the one who doesn't gets to meet the friends, family, the one who isn't always seen in public, etc so we're talking the Mistress, the second fiddle, the Extra.
I went online to see some definitions of who a side chic really is and I almost laughed my head off, honestly the urban dictionary has the most ridiculous and hilarious definitions.
"A position allocated to a girl which is neither a wife or a girlfriend but a side dish like nandos rice." (You can tell that this definition was inputed by a very scorned woman).

"The female who is romantically involved with a man she knows has a girlfriend or wife. A.K.A Betty with the good hair."

What I took from this definition no matter how trivial they seem is that there's actually no honour attached to the position of a side chic but we find out that some ladies don't mind at all. We'll get to this in a bit.
I also found out that there are some commandments of being a side chic.

1) Side Chic Must Never Contact the wife/Girlfriend
2)Side Chic Must Never catch feelings (are you a robot?)
3) Side Chic Must move in silence like the P in Psychology.
4) Side Chic Must not be connected to the "boo" on any social media.
5) Side Chic Must Never meet family or friends.

Those are just a few of some of the "wonderful" commandments I saw, but even with these so called unfathomable rules, there are side chics everywhere. For some (notice i said 'Some') of us in relationships, this is one of the fears that keep us up at night, we're always wondering whether there's someone else especially when our partners start acting up, and to some others who have lost their partners to these people, you begin to wonder what it is that you are lacking and the other woman/man has.

Some people who are involved in this see it as no big deal because it's just something you do for fun and since there are no strings attached, you are all good...Well that is till you're caught. I was reading the other day on Linda's blog about a man who was sick and both his wife and mistress came to visit him but immediately they saw themselves,  they got into it and forgot all about the man. You should have seen the way they were beating themselves. I know I'm in no position to judge and this is why I'm going to need your opinion on this topic because i can't simply understand why you will be okay with helping someone cheat especially since there's really nothing in it for you, maybe just the sexual aspect but is that good enough reason?

Now I explained in This post  , that there are three (3) circuits in the Brain that might be likely reasons for infidelity; the testosterone(lust), the oxytocin(attachment) and the dopamine (love). By this we know that the desire to cheat is already biologically inherent in us, but is this really an excuse to make a shipwreck of what you have invested so much emotion, time, energy and resources in?

If you want out, let your partner know, that's why it's called a relationship, i know it's not always easy but in my opinion I think it's that's more honourable than stringing someone along and making a fool of the person by having someone on the side to "help out" with the extra things. If we now decide that some people have no shame at all, how about you that is the side person, how do you feel about waltzing into something that someone else has worked for? Is it really worth it because if the boo gets tired, he's moving on to the next chic so basically, you just help in passing time.
Another thing I realized is that because of the way women are wired, no matter how much they say "no strings attached", they still somehow get attached and then they end up being treated as trash, again i ask is it worth it?

I feel like if you could just wait a little bit longer, your own partner will come, someone who will love, appreciate and cherish you with all of your baggage (which we all have by the way), someone that will make you feel so special and treat you like the Queen that you are and not some side dish.

That's it for me today

Now over to you guys...

Do you think that there's any justification to being a side chic, or that probably the problem is with the main chic? I would love to know your thoughts on this.

P.s- let's all head over to Danie's blog to see what she has for us today.



  1. Sometimes this side chic thing isn't intentional. Some people don't even know there is a main chic self.
    And when they finally know, they won't leave


    1. Lool! @ "they won't leave" but true though, thanks for reading favour 😚

  2. The funny thing about this side chick issue is the fact that some girls know they are the side chick and yet willing. Like whyyy?? Have they got no self esteem at all? Like you said if you want out in a relationship,just leave. There's no sense in being a spare part. An option B. Keep up the good job!

    1. My dear I wonder too, thanks for reading love ��


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