5 Ways To Face Your Fears

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Welcome to a new week. How was your weekend? Beautiful I'm sure. Mine was nice, I went to see the movie "Suicide Squad" with my friends, it was quite nice though. As this is not a review of the movie, I can't really give you much details, but you should see it.

Last week I stumbled upon a blog post that addressed fears and failures. It was actually a personal account of how the writer has given into so much of her fears, how she failed before she even started but most importantly, how she was able to get up after this. While I read this post, I realized that this is what a lot of us go through on a daily basis. We have so many things that we  are afraid of. As young adults, we are so worried and afraid of what the next step of our lives holds for us particularly when everything doesn't seem to be going as planned and also when we see our mates having it all 'rosy'.

I always say that one thing I have learned in life is that everybody has their own demon that they're battling with. Now obviously I'm not talking about the legion that Jesus sent into the swines, but I'm talking about the various challenges, fears and problems that come our way in life. What makes us victorious is how we approach these fears and get up after.
In today's #mondayinspiration post, I have put together a list of how to face your fears and come out victorious.

Here goes..

1) BREATHE: Yes you need to take a step back, relax and breathe. Many times when we are afraid of something, this fear takes over our whole body. That's why some people have panic attacks, nervous breakdown, and a lot of other things. Now before we allow it escalate to this stage, we have to relax, try to calm ourselves down and look for something that will relieve us of this feeling.

2) FIGURE OUT WHAT EXACTLY YOU'RE AFRAID OF: It is also very important to determime what you're afraid of.  Be very Specific and narrow it down to the tiniest bit. Figuring out your fears will enable you go ahead with the other things in your life that doesn't bother you rather than solely focusing on your fear and allowing it take over your whole being. It will also help in focusing your energy on solving the real thing bothering you.

3) BE MINDFUL OF YOUR AFFIRMATIONS: What you tell yourself everyday will either lift you up or being you down. We know that fears can mess with our brains, allowing us to think the worst of ourselves and the situations around us. This happens because We are humans and We always see the worst in people, things and situations, but this is where training the mind comes in. One of the steps to actually break loose of this stronghold is saying postive things to ourselves and deciding that this little setback will not be the death of you.

4) INDULGE IN POSITIVE IMAGINATIONS: Once you find yourself saying positive things to yourself, it's only normal for you to start indulging in positive imaginations. See yourself relaxing and breathing, see yourself letting go of anxiety and worries, lastly see yourself facing and conquering that fear. When you make this positive imaginations a lifestyle, it will make facing the fears a step easier. Of Course it's easier said/written than done, Rome wasn't built in a day but the key thing there is that it was built. When you start envisioning yourself in a positive way, one day you actually become a positive person.

5) APPROACH YOUR FEARS: One thing we should understand is that it doesn't have to be a dramatic or quick approach, you can start in bits. The word "Fear" is defined as a strong, uncontrollable, unpleasant emotion caused by actual or perceived danger or threat. Looking at it from this point of view will make us understand that approaching something "strong, uncontrollable and unpleasant" will not be easy so therefore, we have to start in a small way. Experts even say it's better to write them down and divide them into steps or stages. This will help you approach them in a more similar way. They're also of the opinion that before you move on to the next level, make sure that you're relaxed and certain that if you encounter such thing again it won't be a problem for you, so that you will not experience an overwhelming feeling that might lead to another problem.

I hope this post was helpful?

Over to You..

What are your fears? How are you facing them? I would love to know.

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  1. Excellent stuff, very helpful, well done!

    1. Hey Pelumi, thank you for reading I'm glad you liked it.❤

  2. I loved your article, very helpful ☺
    Fear can be such a supersize barrier if we let it.
    And thank you for that gospel site link, I have been looking for one for ages now
    Great blog!

    1. Hey Ima, firstly I loove your name❤ I'm glad you liked the post, thank you for stopping by.


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