GirlschatSeries 17|| Let's Talk About Birth Order and Dating

So I was literally on my bed when this post idea popped in my head (I really dont know why!). Yeah It was a little disoriented but I knew what I wanted to write so i turned to my third best friend Google and everything started to really make sense. I hope it will make sense to You too😊

I hope you're all doing well this beautiful thursday evening? As for me, I think I've seen better days. I had to remove a decayed tooth yesterday,
Moral Lesson: I never want to do it again!. it's really not a pleasant experience. However, #Girlschat is here and that makes me happy.

How many of us have heard statements like  you're dating a 'mommy's boy' just because you're dating the youngest child or perhaps because you're dating the first son people tell you to get ready for a lot of responsibilities and if you happen to be a first child too then the load is even more. I remember when i was dating an only child, a friend told me I was lucky because there's no "sibling" responsibility attached to that person (Like everybody doesn't have their own baggage *RME*).

For today's post I decided that we should imagine that we were in an alternate universe where love and the other factors don't really determine who we date and eventually marry. As usual I asked a couple of ladies that if they were to choose their partner based on their birth order, who will they choose?

Here's what they said ...

Tomisin said "I've really not considered that
But then 1st they always have sense like seen life more experienced abe responsible
 Last mostly don't have sense... Middle they might have sense they might not depending on the eldest sibling they have, If that one has impacted much sense inside them. So I'd go for the first or middle.

Temi Said "Tbh I'll have pick the last son".

Korede said "1st but because he will have a lot of responsibility like i'll do, Middle is d safest, but first is not bad too.
Only child - there is a tendency he will be an over pampered individual 
Last- *pensive* ".

Sade said "I think the last boy, because, he would be able to learn frm his older ones, plus he has more advantage with his family."

Now I know that this is not something a lot of people  pay much attention to, but do you know that your birth order goes a long way in affecting your personality and partly how you reason? This may consciously or unconsciously determine your decisions in life including choosing a partner.
(Keep an open mind, remember we're still in the alternate universeπŸ˜‹).

Let's look at the different positions one after the other.
The first child is most times always responsible, motivated, cautious, reliable, bossy, confident, controlling, etc Chances are they will want to relate with someone of like mind that can comprehend the kind of things that talk about, their level of thought and what not. I'm not saying that this trait is only peculiar to first borns, but I'm sure you get the drift . I'm a first child and I kind of understand this.

The middle child can be very adaptable mostly because they feel left out or "stuck in the middle" (who watches that show on Disney??😊😊), they are the peacemakers, they're independent, they can be people pleasers,etc The conclusion is that these people don't mind being with anybody no matter your position, they literally don't have too much stress. They try to understand where you're coming from and empathize with you.

The last kids are mostly perceived as overpampered and spoiled. Some people say that they can be manipulative too. They like attention and can be very outgoinc and social. If they're to pick someone, they'll most likely pick someone who can meet their "attention-cravings". Nobody can do this better than the adaptive middle born?
Last but not least is the only child. They are quite similar to the first borns, they are most times very responsible probably beacuse they are the centre of attention. They are sensitive (I know this from experience) and can be perfectionists as well. They are confident and having spent a lot time with their parents, they can also be very mature for their own age. They'd also want to be with someone who won't take their sensitivity for granted and definitely not someone who will constantly have a post tussle with. So of course they'll be open to the idea of having someone more submissive as their partner.
Personally, if I was to choose, I think I'll go with a middle child or a last son for obvious reasons.
But hey, while we don't go about asking everybody we plan on dating for their postions in the family, this is basically just bringing into light some of the things that affects our decisions that we probably don't know about.

Over to You...

Have you ever thought about this before? If you were to choose who would you go for and why? I would love to know your thoughts.

P.s- Let's check out what Danie has for us today.



  1. I've actually never thought about it o, but looking at it now, I've dated a first born and a first boy (second born, but we know that is kinda like being a first born). I'm a second born but only girl, so I don't know where I stand here. Maybe a combination of only child and middle born. Anyway I think I've always been attracted to First borns and middle borns...I'm guessing because I like when someone else can take responsibility and take good care of me when I want to be lazyπŸ˜‰

    1. My love we're together on that one, I mean who doesn't love some good pampering 😊
      Thanks for reading boo❤

    2. I just had to reply to this.. Not all lastborn are pampered or lacks behind in the school of just picture a last born and only really can't imagine the pressure of keeping up with the family legacy and acting has a protector for his just saying ooo.even some first born are seriously pampered..dont forget that being last also means you will learn from the mistakes of those above you and most last born are sometimes belittled in the family and that fuels their drive to proving that they can achieve it even when they are perceived has the baby of the house..when you meet a responsible last born you try and compare with a responsible first or middle.. Then you will see the great difference

    3. Hey Deji! Lol every opinion is welcome here so it's okay😊😊 besides you raised some very valid points too, I guess we didn't look at it from that angle. Thanks for stopping byπŸ’•πŸ’•


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