Okay I'm kidding that's not the question ( maybe a part of it though ).
Hey lovelies, So I was literally just lying on my bed and I started to wonder how often fights, disagreements, etc should occur in a relationship(now this is the real question ). Weird ? I know. 
Oh yeah I'm playing love doctor today ;)
I've had to stay with a lot of couples my parents inclusive and I witness how they argue a LOT! Then I begin to wonder is it still love or something else?Don't get me wrong, I've seen their mushy mushy side as well but as far as I'm concerned, the argument side wins. So now I ask, must we always resort to fighting? is there a way to reduce fights and arguments in a relationship?
I mean what happens when Bae thinks you have mouth diarrhoea and then sticks it up in your face ( unknowingly perhaps ), do you then prove them right and turn it to a rap battle? Or when Bae thinks you are too calm for a particular situation but in your mind you're the major contributor, do you then turn it into a major showdown and lose your chill?
I know It's necessary to prove your points in either cases but I think doing it the wrong way is what gets most people in trouble and then leads to arguments.We are not perfect so there is really no perfect way to deal with our partners when they do something we don't like but then isn't that what this thing is all about? Loving them despite their imperfections?
Please read and let me know how 'imperfectly' you've dealt with your relationship situations.
Hugs and kisses. 


  1. Woow..Kinda edgy tho'. Away from the comfortable writing you started the blog with and that's cool, it shows you're flexible and not rigid in your writing. Love it!!!

    Re: Your question, You said it all. We all have to accommodate each others' excesses.


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