Ever been in a situation where you know that it wasn't just mere human efforts working for you again but a sort of divinely connected thingy and all you can just do is smile?
Don't worry I'm not about to go all pastor on you ;) it's just something that crossed my mind today and I thought I'd share with you. Many times we disregard the fact that some things in our lives happen beyond the ordinary and just take things for granted without even being appreciative.
A lot of things we fail to acknowledge and attribute to the divine with each passing day is a miracle to some others ( take a trip to the hospital and you'll see ). Some times, there's a conviction deep down in our hearts and we know that these goodies we get are unmerited, but being humans that we are, we become so used to them that we forget they are gifts that we should be grateful for.
Don't forget to say a word of thanks everyday.
With love, Mide.


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