• Okay people, I need you to help to help me out with something. 

So I have stared at this picture for God knows how many times and I can't find nada, all I see is a living room😁 so please If You Happen to See What we Are looking for, kindly point it out.
That obviously had nothing to do with what I'm about to write about (sorry for wasting your time...that's if I did else sorry but not sorry..haha)I remember telling you to watch this space for the rest of the last post, did you wait too long? Nah?
Okay *clears throat* now I know that there are couples who have come back together after they had broken up and that's cool but my dears, if you see that your ex partner has moved on and you are still waiting for the scale to fall from their eyes, you just might be wasting your time. Do NOT mope around waiting for them to ' come to their senses and realize what they've lost' yeah that might take a while.
Do NOT stalk. I know this is really hard because the part of you that cares just wants to see how they're doing, whether they've moved on or not, who they are with, if they are hotter than you or not, etc but most times this always ends badly because if they are doing better than we are, then we sink back into our depression and start the whole process of healing again. So until you're sure that what they're doing does not bother you again, don't stalk.
The fact that you once cared about this person makes it easy for them to get through to you especially when you're hoping that you guys can work things out. Now if with your stalking that you did even though I told you not to proved that there's someone else but your ex is still trying to remain ' friends ' with you and give you high hopes when there's really nothing, do NOT accept that kind of friendship until you're sure that you can handle it.
Keep yourself busy with work, school or something that you love and will temporarily take your mind from them because let's be honest at that moment you can't be permanently over them.
As for me, a single BBM update opened my eyes (yuupp,they were closed) and I was like adios amigos, God be with you till we meet again.
Lastly, please Do NOT drink sniper or dettol. Suicide is already a sin, then over one guy or lady that has probably forgotten about you, are they really worth it? You have a beautiful life ahead of you, so bae or no bae enjoy your life because you only live once.
Cheers! 🍸🍸


  1. Gbam,correct.... Am triping for ur talent,u're just too good,no one wld bliv u just started ds blog. God bless u

    1. Amen..thanks for reading and commenting 😚😚 don't stop visiting the blog ☺

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