Hello beautiful people! How was your weekend? Mine was quite lazy but it was good though. So I know you're expecting to see one post on grace,love or one of those things, sorry but not sorry to disappoint you dearies,we are going to be doing this a little differently today. So I was opportuned to interview a young,talented and driven artiste who is doing really good for himself (plus he's cute too *wink*) and i just thought to myself that this should be a good form of inspiration to youths out there, you might not need to do what he does but you should totally do what you want no matter how impossible it looks right now.
Read for yourself..

A: Hi,can you please introduce yourself?
W: Hello I'm White Mic music minister/ Gospel Rap artist. Birth Name Daniel Okoli
A: What is your stage name and how did you come about the name?
W: White Mic is my stage name and it was inspired by the Holy Ghost. He gave me this line to explain it - "when you take a black mic and deep it in the blood of Jesus,what you get is White Mic dripping with the blood with the blood of jesus"
A: What exactly does "white mic" do?
W: I'm a music minister in rap,spoken word and poetry,an actor and also a member of the choir (Blw Zone H Uniport).
A: What really inspired you to go into this genre of music?
W: Growing up I watched a lot of movies,read a lot of books fiction and non fiction, so I developed a very creative mind. When I first came across rap I was astonished by the fact that what authors and movie producers will spend pages /hours to depict could easily be passed across in 3-4 minutes of creative writing. That was my  inspiration, the ability to convey a message creatively in rhyming words.
A: Thinking back to your early childhood, what was your first experience with music in general and what song do you remember most as a child?
W: My parents were musically inclined so I've been around music from a young age. Coming from a Christian home I got to learn all the words to Don Moen's "God with us" pretty early.
A: That's nice, so who are your mentors and role models?
W: Oh that's easy Rev Chris Oyakhilome,and he is more than a mentor he is my life coach, Pastor Ameachi Udeaku my Pastor here in BLW Zone H Uniport,and of course my boss and big brother Tru South(He is also a Pastor so that's double anionting Lol)
A: Interesting, Now can you tell us what was the first song you ever rapped in front of a live audience and how did it make you feel?
W: Hmmm it was my version of "Forever young" a piece I wrote for my Pastor (Pastor Ameachi Udeaku) on his birthday a couple of years ago. Fulfilled because I was instructed by the Holy Spirit to do it as gift to him.
A: What do you have to say about gospel music and particularly gospel rap in the Nigerian music industry?
W: Gospel music is more than music it's a tool to connect the human spirit to God. And it is the only eternal form of music because Gospel songs are the only songs that will be sang in Heaven,someone once said if you want to immortalize yourself write a song for God. And it is taking over the industry especially gospel rap. People are tired of hearing the same old things-money,drug,sex over and over again,they are tending to listen to uplifting lyrics that will both edify the mind and the spirit and this is a wave of God's Spirit and I'm most grateful that I'm part of it.
A: I totally agree with you so,what has been your biggest challenge so far?
W: Actually there isn't any major challenge because ever since I joined Christ Embassy I have taught the word of God that has put me above challenges. So there may be challenges but I don't see them as challenges I see them as opportunities to showforth the glory of God.
A: Are you currently signed to a record label? If yes tell us the name.
W: Well I'm building my own label which is called"New Creation Music"- Music for the new creations and music to make new creations.
A: Do you presently have an album or are you currently working on one?
W: I have what you'll call an Ep(Extended Play) containing 10 tracks(singles) which was released online in 2014,I titled it WASHED IN THE BLOOD. And I'm working on another.
A: Apart from rap, what else do you do?
W: I'm a software Engineer about to bag a degree,a spoken word artist, an actor,script writer and a chorister.
A: Whoa that's a handful.Now let's take a break from all the seriousness, i will be asking you some random questions now okay?
W: Cool
A: Do you believe in ghosts? Why?
W: Yes I do, because the Bible tell me so Lol. Well man is spirit and God is a Spirit and there is a spirit realm that controls this physical one.
A: What was the last meal you ate? Who cooked it?
W: Coconut rice prepared by my beloved friend Timi Doro
A: Would you spend 50k on a first date?
W: Of Course I would
A: Hmmm, husband material huh? So is there a Mrs white mic in view?
W: Well I've been praying about her and at the right time I'll spend that 50k even more on the first date *wink*
A: Okay o so what body cream do you use?
W: Dove Moisturizing Cream
A: Alright, can you say a few words to youths out there who also want to be involved in things like this but don't know how to
W: Delight your self in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart. First of all you have to be born again,secondly you need a vibrant relationship with the Holy Spirit then get to know God's word. He will instruct you in His word. Believe me that is exactly how I go where I am and that's what is taking me where I'm going.
A: Thank you so much for your time Daniel.

Here are a few links to White mic's songs
Intro to White Mic is tindeck.com/dl/amlk
Money Ft Bod D -  tindeck.com/dl/omkb
Use Me - tindeck.com/dl/irlj
Wild Goose Chase - tindeck.com/listen/tduu

And his social media accounts...
Instagram - lordwhite1
Reverberation- www.reverbnation.com/whitemic1
Facebook - Daniel White
Twitter- @lordwhitemic
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  1. Thank you so very much Aramide..it's beautiful.

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    The hand of God is upon you mightily

  4. Nice blog.Very motivating and inspirational words White mic,it's obvious you are going places . Aramide keep up the good work.

  5. Super star white Mic, that was awesome

  6. That was awesome, keep doing more for the Lord


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