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Top of the morning to you my lovelies!
How was the weekend?mine was a little interesting..yeah I know I was complaining before but a girl's still gotta have fun right? My friends and i went to see a movie yesterday and it was totally worth it(if you haven't seen ride along 2,you should definitely do that,thank me later).
Moving on to less trivial matters,
My roomie and I were gisting about things and people in general last night and while we were talking there was just a particular thing we kept going on and on about...Hypocrisy.
My dictionary defines hypocrisy as 'The claim or pretense of holding beliefs,feelings,standards,qualities,opinions that one does not actually possess.' It goes further again to say that hypocrisy is the act of 'applying criticism to others that one does not apply equally to oneself.'
All these Dictionaries like big big English,all I see is the description of a fake person.
Now, some of us have unconsciously found ourselves in the position of hypocrites because in my own head I think the Nigerian word for hypocrisy is 'forming' but again you will agree with me that some other people have made it their constant way of life, always trying to belittle people and feigning high and mighty and it's not even as if you're all that. Now let's not confuse ourselves because there's a difference between comporting yourself and forming. A lot of people interchange both words and I can't blame them really because personally I like people who are real with me, someone i can cut the crap with and bare it all,I'm sure a lot of people do too. Nobody likes someone who is in the habit of criticizing,ridiculing and pretending.
The funny thing about hypocrites is that their latter is not always good,so me I like to fold my arms and chill by the corner and watch it all play out. So instead of waiting till you're disgraced why not just focus on removing the beam in your eye so that you'll see clearly enough to help your friend remove the mote in her own eye.
Even the holy books frown against hypocrites and hypocrisy. The bible in Matthew chapter 7 from verse 1 through 6 calls out the hypocrite and tells him to remove the log in his eye before removing the speck in his brother's eye.
The Holy Quran also refers to the hypocrites as 'Al-munafiqeen' which means someone who outwardly practices islam and inwardly conceals his disbelief,who pretends,tells a lie,who behaves in an imprudent,evil and insulting manner and in Quran 4:145 it says "Truly the hypocrites shall be in the lowest depths of fire and they will find none who could help them."
Hypocrisy is seen in everywhere today;amongst friends,in places of worship,places of work,etc and it's killing us slowly without us even knowing. As a hypocrite,you know you're only deceiving yourself and nobody else so why not try being real and original and work on yourself because as i usually say,this race of life is an individual one and if you decide to spend yours as a pretender then I'll advise you to have a rethink.
I love you too much♡♡♡
Have a pretense-free and a fruitful week
P.S- if you like what I've done with the blog say yeah yeah ;) and if you can't see it,look closely.


  1. "To criticise and ridicule peepz has become daily routine for some" There's no gain in it.
    Good piece of writing, keep it up.��

  2. Good piece of writing, keep it upπŸ‘πŸ‘

  3. I totally agree with you and I'm glad you like it,thank you dearie♡

  4. A good analogous information. U wer able to navigate thru bible n Quran. Hahaha dis ur brain Na first class oooo

  5. I av to add dis..

    We are so quick to judge others of what we have done before or what we are still likely to do in the future.

    But when fate plays the same game on us and we let out the Devil/foolishness in us, we always have a standing explanation to exonerate ourselves. Same explanations we didn't accept from the other person we criticized earlier...

    We all mof****** hypocrites. We are only real when judging others. 'Ye


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