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Today's post is a guest post written by my very good friend who is also a blogger, Barakah Bashir of Barakahsthoughts.

I've known her for a little over a year now and I can't even begin to tell you how much of an amazing person she is. She's a medical student and that's why she's bringing you this insightful and educative post on cleanliness and productivity.


It’s safe to say every single aspect of our lives is affected by our productivity, and cleanliness has a major impact on productivity. Here is it, how do you think straight when there is an offensive odour around? Can be hard right? Now Imagine you are the reason behind it, which could be due to different factors, like Laziness, some I don’t care attitude or a disturbed/busy mind.

Naturally, one get’s disturbed when they are in a dirty or disorganized environment. Amidst work or school you constantly remind yourself that you need to do so, hence you struggle with focusing on whatsoever it is that you are doing. If you are a clean person, you immediately tidy up afterwards and get back to your everyday activity but if you aren’t then it is the beginning of so many “not so good things” to happen. If you are someone who doesn't just care about cleanliness at all, you definitely need help as you might be suffering from syndromes like Diogenes syndrome or any other related syndrome. Cleanliness has a major impact on your productivity because it affects your:

MOOD: Freshening up every morning is a normal routine for us as Nigerians but have you ever noticed the heightened productivity after brushing your mouth, taking your bath and spraying deodorant? Think about your Mood before transforming your morning breath into a minty breath, think about your mood before and after spraying deodorant. Heightened right? This is because the Limbic system (part of your brain that process emotion and associative learning) is directly connected to some cells of your nose called Olfactory cells, There is no better time to be more productive than when you are in a good mood.

HEALTH: As little as flu seems, it can frustrate the hell out of you when you have Flu, you literally want to do nothing, now Imagine something bigger than Flu, like some internal Infection, What will you be able to do? A dirty environment only means increased germs and bacteria which definitely affect your health and mental state leading to less productivity...

FAITH: Cleanliness they say is next to Godliness, The cleaner you are the closer you are to God, The happier you are and the more productive you become.

STRESS: Research says women with cluttered or unfinished projects are more depressed, fatigued and have a higher level of stress hormone than women who feel their home is more restful and restorative. It’s safe to say when you are less stressed, you are more organized (you don’t have to look for anything or worry about deadlines every now and then), your stress hormone is reduced/normal, you become more focused and more productive.

IMAGE PERCEPTION: When you look and smell good, you automatically attract positive people. Positive people tend to engage you in intelligent conversations or approach you for business deals e.t.c. These tend to positively work your brain which leads to Increase in productivity.

CONFIDENCE: How is it possible that you are confident as a dirty person? The moment you begin to look around for reasons why people are covering their nose or try to cover up a stain on your dress, you are automatically distracted and how focused can you be in such situation? Knowing that you are clean alone gives you confidence!

Mark Bolick once said “Cleanliness makes it easier to troubleshoot and visually see problems. It also saves money when it comes to repairs because it cuts the time necessary to fix or replace components”.

So stay clean guys!

Thank you Mide for having me!

Thank you Barakah for a wonderful post!
I hope you guys learned a thing or more from this post? I'm sure you did.

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Enjoy the rest of your week guys, stay healthy and productive!

Mide ♡


  1. I agree with the perception part. When I look good, it increases my confidence on its own. And oh well, people become more receptive.

  2. Thank you very much Barakah for this post it was very educative and i enjoyed it.

  3. Productivity and cleanliness is definitely a necessity for growth in life. I totally relate.

    Please I nominated you for the mystery blogger award. Kindly check out my blog link here to claim your mystery blogger award. Thank you


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