Welcome Welcome! It's another interesting post on the portable diaries, are you excited? I am.

Today's post is well, not really as fun for me as it might be for you because I'll be sharing some of my embarrasing moments,😝 but I guess you'd have a good laugh, so we good! 😊

As a portable lady, I get so many people asking me or wanting to ask me about my age. While I was in uni, I was a little popular amongst my lecturers because most of them thought I somehow manuevered my way into the university, so it wasn't new that during tests or exam, one or more lecturers would come up to ask me 'how old are you?', 'How did you enter into this school?' 'You're too small to be in the university' as if they're the ones paying my fees πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Sometimes in front of the whole class, and you know I'm not talking about 30-40 people here, it can quite embarrassing actually. I was able to master the art of smiling and putting up a good face for my lecturers only though, if you didn't belong to that category, I pity you.πŸ‘ΏπŸ‘ΏπŸ‘Ώ

I'm only admitting them to you guys sha, I never admit that I'm embarrassed 😊

● So this happened in my first year in university, I was walking my friend to the cab she was going to enter but there was this very long queue, (unilorin students will get this) so I just told her that I'm going to chill in class for a while before I go home. Now to the interesting part, while I was going back to class, one very blessed girl shouted in Yoruba language 'So this one is a student too?' Remember I said there was a long queue? in otherwords,everybody turned and looked at me. Suddenly I wanted to start running but I couldn't so I looked at them smiled and kept walking, I was saying to myself anybody that has liver should follow me and ask me jamb question πŸ˜† but nobody did obviously.
It's just one of those experiences I can't forget though.

● This one happened also happened in my 1st year but I'm not sure. I was more pissed than embarrassed on this particular day though but I'll just share it. I was about going into a class and this dude comes out and blocks the door, and he's like, 'are you a student?' I answer like the sweet lady I am and I tell him to excuse me, but some people are not just wise, he then said 'it's a lie' and followed me into my class, and I just turn and give him a very befitting stink eye because he was starting to make a scene, i think he got the gist, so he apologised and said it's just that I was 'really small', well thank you captain obvious!

● On this particular day, I had a computer based exam, and I wore what I knew or thought was appropriate, apparently the woman checking us in didnt think so. So she called me out and said
'smally you have joined them too abi?'
This woman is probably just an inch taller than me but she had to go there, she told me that I wouldn't write my exam if I didn't change my dress, I was very confused because I was properly dressed and I didn't live on campus. By this time, the whole CBT centre was fixated on me and was probably wondering what I was going to do with my life. Thank God for my Hijabi friend who gave me her scarf, I now wrapped myself like one Egyptian mummy before I was allowed into the hall. It was as if that woman was sent to me but as God will have it, she failed!πŸ˜›πŸ˜›

● It was our final year week and on this particular day, we were signing out on each other's shirts. After the whole thing, I entered the class for my lecture and out of everybody, my lecturer decided that he was going to pick on me this very day. This is someone who has been lecturing me since I got into that school so, he has probably seen me a couple of times, plus who am I kidding, I'm not that hard to miss. But then my lecturer says I should come to the front of the class and he asks me if I was a member of that class, fam I was wearing my signed shirt like the rest of my classmates, but he wasn't convinced so he asks the class rep if he knew me, just imagine.
He probably thought I will start shaking or feeling uneasy, but I looked him dead in the eye till he told me to go and sit down. I was so proud of myself that day πŸ˜†πŸ˜† but it wasn't funny stillπŸ˜‘

● I was still serving at this time but I went home for something.  As I entered the plane to sit, this air hostess came up to me and even did the whole baby voice, look and smile thing as she asked  'are you up to 15?' So I look at her also, smile and say no I'm way passed that. Then as usual she starts to apologise, but I caught her telling her friend later about the whole thing and they were even looking at me, so rude!

Okay guys that's all I remember for now.

Over to You...

What are some of your embarrassing moments? I would love to know.
Enjoy your weekend!



  1. I know that feeling πŸ˜‚.

    Mine is actually not about my size though.
    So this day, first day in summer school for SS1, I had this nice short wrap skirt on and a NEW cotton pant (those packed ones Naija mums just love πŸ˜‘) and a new ghana slippers that was in vogue.
    It was finally time to go home after doing fine girl all day (by the way, I just started trying out the girly lifestyle). I was with my younger brother and THREE MALE friends! of my age and we had to climb a steep pavement. They were all like 'don't pass there, take the other side' and in my head I was like 'these boys think I can't do it because I'm a girl shey' #MissionProofICanDoWhatYouCan got activated, with my brother alone in front of me, I ran but thanks to my slippers, I went sliding down in a swift puuffff with my slippers and skirt flying.
    The only thing that got me going was that it was a new pant even though they looked grandma-ish.

    1. Okay this is downright hilariousπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
      Must have been very embarrassing too, thanks for sharing dear😚😚😚


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