Hi guys,
How's the weekend going? Beautiful I hope?
I'm sure you guys are very much aware of the tiwa and teebillz drama, if you aren't, you're seriously on a long thing. I mean Twitter was agog last night, trust Nigerians to take all the seriousness out of the whole thing, myself but I'm not here to make mockery of the whole situation,I think I had my fair share last night.
Before I slept, I started to really draw lessons from the situation and i wrote them down with the intention of coming to share them with you today.
Yeah I know cheap gossip isn't what we do here but sometimes we need to realize that there are life lessons to be learned in some of these situations.
Tiwa and TJ are only examples of what a lot of people are going through behind closed doors. I mean it's enough to look good and smile for the camera but what's really going on inside?
In the interview she admitted to the fact that before they got married, she saw signs and that there were people who warned her, she also said that she admits that she made a mistake. This mistake could have been avoided but I'm sure she was probably thinking that he'll change and that nobody is perfect. This is true and we know that there are somethings that can be overlooked, but there are some other things that are beyond our power that we can't change and the earlier we realize this, the better for us.
Do NOT settle for or compromise something you know could make you regret later in life, your happiness and sanity matters a whole lot. Don't settle for anybody just so you can have somebody.

Marriage is a lifetime thing and so it's important that you share it with someone who is your own idea of perfect. Lets even forget the religious aspect of divorce, what about the psychological aspect? Tiwa's baby is still saying "da-da", dude is unaware that "da-da" is about to become someone who will just be coming to pick him for summer holidays and stuff.
I keep saying it over and over that marriage is not something you rush into, I saw a story on 'Humans of New york' on Facebook the other day, a very old man just divorced his wife and he left her with everything why? Because he had been unhappy all through the marriage and he was simply waiting for all their kids to grow up and leave home so he can leave. He said immediately everything was finalized, he was just shouting ' I'm free, I'm free' and he didn't care who was looking at him. Please is that life?

Teebillz was depressed because he could no longer provide stuffs as the man of the house and the fact that Tiwa started helping out became a problem. My bible tells me that women were created as the 'help meet' in other words, sometimes when the man can't do the necessary things due to financial breakdown or any other reason, the woman can help out. Guys there is nothing wrong in your woman being very successful and trying to help out. Don't mistake her help as an action to subdue you. A very good woman will even make it look like you're the one doing everything and not her.
Ladies this one is for us. Any man that cannot handle our shine,aspirations and dreams is probably not the one for us. Any man threatened by your success will do everything within his power to make you feel less just to remind you that he's the head. We don't need that and its just the bitter truth.There is nothing wrong in being a strong and determined woman who wants to make a name for herself BUT this shouldn't get in the way of us being submissive to our men.
Submission is just something we have to do no matter how high up you are. Nobody wants a liability but nobody also wants a proud, stuck up woman. Balance is all that the world requires. Finally, prayer is something we should not joke with. It should be our lifestyle. I remember when we were in secondary school, my friend's mum will always pray for us to find the bone of our bone and flesh of our flesh. It seemed funny because nobody was obviously thinking marriage but she'll tell you that it's better to start securing your future at a tender age. Now we understand better.

It's not about you being spiritual or churchy, it's about you not making mistakes that you could regret for the rest of your lives.
I'm no expert on relationships and marriages ,but this is just my opinion. What's yours? Let me know in the comment section.

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