Hello April,

Hi guys!
Happy New month!!!

Finally! The long month of March has come to an end. Thank God for this last week that helped speed things up. Someone said to me this week that March was making up for the quick February, I think I agree.
As we all know, this is the day that a lot of people get slapped,punched,beaten,starved,fired or worse because of the sick pranks they play.I remember when I was much younger, my siblings and i used to think of silly pranks to fool our aunts, sometimes we were lucky, sometimes we were not, all I know is that my dad was the grand prankmaster. I remember vauguely one time when he told us the house was on fire, we were obviously outside the house but the way he came to us with speed, panicking, red eyes, and saying all those deep Yoruba stuffs, we were all scared, leave it to my sister the emotional one in the house to start crying. I mean I saw no smoke and yet I believed? How gullible!
Seriously though, when did we start the year and now another month has gone by,it's only a matter of time before we go into another year. At every new year's eve, we have this 'tradition' in my house that you write what you want God to do for you in the new year and then as they start happening you start ticking them, now since we started this thing, it has yielded really good results and not once have we regretted. My point is with each new month, there's a something new happening for me and I'm just ticking all the way.
I'm not going to go all preacher on you, I'm just here to encourage you..as usual.
The months are just going by for some people without anything tangible to show for it and then at the end of the year when everybody is counting their blessings, such people will be found wanting. This won't be our portion by God's grace but do you know that most times, we are the architect of our own misfortunes? This isn't even about religion or what not, this is about you setting precise and unambigous goals,  believing that they will fall into place and taking a step forward in achieving those goals. So let me ask you, what do you intend to achieve in this month of April?
I got to know that April was derived from a Latin word "aperire" which means "to open" referring to the opening of flowers. As you know, in some parts of the world they will be experiencing spring at this time of the year hence the flower opening. Confused on where I'm going with this? Just chill.
After I learned this fact, I started to analyse in my head. Opening up could also mean branching out, taking chances, letting go, starting something and of course blossoming. Need I say more?
Of course I'll say..or write more in this case.
April doesnt need to go by like the past months and only you can change that. Enough of the mediocrity, it's time to start living extraordinarily. Let go of whatever medium sized thoughts you have, think big, take a bold step forward, let God do his wonders and you'll see the game changing for you.
Are you going to let April fool you or are you going to Blossom along with April? It's entirely up to you.
In other news, Its nice to know that you guys actually look out for me. After my plenty noise about recommending me to anybody who's looking for a writer, a lovely lady reached out to me to tell me of a particular firm that was hiring, and even though I couldn't apply due to some reasons, I felt very happy that you my lovelies actually have my back. So here's to Peace Agbro, thanks baby girl ♡ love you long time.

P.s - if you could, please share your April fool's story either as the prankster or the one who was pranked in the comment section..I'd be happy to read.

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