Dear Guys,

Hey guys,
How has been your week so far? Mine has been so irritable, like everyone seems to just be very annoying lately,don't worry i know why. The thought of writing this particular post however gives me, you'll know why shortly. So just sit back,relax and enjoy because it's going to be a rather long ride.

Before I go into what I really want to talk about today, I'd like to weigh in on this Wizkid and Linda ikeji's matter that happened over the weekend I think. Now I'll put the both of them on one side, my focus is majorly on how Nigerians reacted especially towards Linda. Hypocrisy should be our first name. We all know that everybody likes a little dirty secret about these celebrities and fortunately for us, LIB gives us that, we all know that is what she does and you know that if it is on LIB,there's a 97% chance that it is true, now this child called wizkid comes and starts yabbing her becuse she spilled his little secret and people are casting stones on her, how different is she from E! Or Cosmo? It may interest you to know that immediately she posted it on her blog, other websites like 360.nobs, Ynaija already posted it. We all love a little scoop and if you don't like it, please sit down and let the rest of us enjoy the gist. You may also like to remember that hypocrisy is a boil, lancing it is never pleasant. I rest my case.

Moving on to the business of the day..
I can't really remember exactly what inspired this post but I'm pretty sure I was disgusted the day I decided to write it.
So ladies, you know that as much as we love our guys, there are just some terrible habits they have that can never go down well with us, yeah I'm going to be sharing some of those things today. Some people are of the opinion that some of these habits are just natural and can hardly be changed,I am of the opinion that as long as a dog can fly a plane, those habits can be changed.
Note: I wasn't trying to compare men to dogs,it was merely an illustration before I get lynched.

  • Selective Hearing: There's nothing more a girl wants than for her man to listen to her, give her his undivided attention, we know that's impossible but I mean it doesn't hurt to try. Ladies little tip, next time he's not listening, drop a bombshell on him; 'i'm pregnant' never gets old. Before he has time to process how,why,who, he will stop whatever he's doing to listen to you..thank me later ;)
  • Lying: This is inarguably one and probably the worst of the many features of men and it is bad! Some are so good that you will almost think you're losing your mind. They will now say they're doing it to protect you from getting hurt, yeah yeah the truth hurts but just get on with it rather than lying.
  • Not saying sorry and never admitting he's wrong: Saying Sorry is almost like a taboo in the world of men, actually it's a mortal sin for them. You did something wrong and you got caught, just apologise and let's move on, they'd rather turn the thing around and sometimes you'd end up being the one apologising. Enough of all that. Apologise!
  • Leaving the toilet seat up: Can guys just tell me why you usually leave the toilet seat up? I mean it's beyond me, you saw it down so why can't you put it back downπŸ˜• ? I think I speak for most of the female population when I say put the seat down!
  • Making dirty jokes: I have friends who can't just say a single statement without turning it to something dirty, it's like they find joy in it they'll now laugh as if it's funny. A friend of mine said in her house, you can't just randomly say ' please come' you have to say something like 'please arrive' otherwise you're just looking for trouble. I mean why can't I just eat my banana in peace without you turning it to something else? It's just a fruit.
  • Drinking and smoking: Personally I'm not really a fan of smoking and drinking, then for you to now drink and smoke till you become a nuisance? C'mon! Some guys actually think that drinking and smoking actually makes them cool and super fun, think again bro.
    I see some really great guys who smoke and i can only shake my head because they're slowly becoming a shadow of themselves without even knowing, all for what? Being a cool guy,Okay o.
  • Snoring: Must you sound like a bulldozer because you're sleeping, sometimes I know it's not your fault but can you at least try and find out how to stop it please?
  • Strangest attachment to some items: My brother has this shorts that he's had since when he was in primary school. Now my brother has since grown very tall and for some reason I cannot fathom, he still wears that short till date. He's slim like me so i get why he can still fit into it but can you imagine the disturbing sight when someone tall wears something that short? I don't think you can until you see it. My question is why won't he throw it away?I also have this friend who has one God-forsaken shoe that he has refused to do away with, please guys what is the secret behind this your attachment? Are you sure you don't need help?
  • Forgetting Special days: I don't understand why you can't just learn to set a reminder or something because forgetting only means war and you really don't want that.
  • Football and video games: Make noise all you want, it is a bad habit. Reason being that guys lose every sense of decency and humanity when they're doing either of these two things. They literally become animals,no offence. They begin to shout and make noise as if the world is about to end. Then when their team loses, they pass the aggression on you as if you're the one that coached their team.
  • Pretending that you don't care about anything that involves human emotion: Sweetheart just forget it, you're human just like me, so I know you cry, get hurt and all those other mushy things. Dont pretend you don't 'feel' it won't kill you to talk about your feelings or to admit that you're hurt. We know you were raised not to show any sign of weakness, but don't wait till you break because it'll be too late by then.
  • Saying you prefer girls with no make up at all: This one is funny. With this our generation, you're on your own if you make that kind of statement. My friend says he likes them "au naturel" i just nod my head and smile. Make up has always been and will always be a part of who women are, yeah they can be quite transforming but that doesn't mean you should write them off totally, even you know that your girl looks like a milion bucks when she gets her face beat so don't hate, and if you're still bent on "au naturel", goodluck finding sister Mary (apologies to anyone with that name,you get my point though).
  • Thinking you're all that: when you're not, boy you need to calm down. Don't go thinking that girls love you because you have a pretty face, yeah we do love a pretty boy but a pretty boy with no brains ain't nothing so sit your ass down.
  • Beards: I actually like a guy with beards, but whatever happened to grooming the beards?? Sometimes you see a bearded guy and you're weak, and not in a good way. You don't have to allow the beards cover your the whole of your face before we know you've joined the #beardgang or because it's #noshavenovember. Groom your beards guys,it's really important.

Finally Guys please you need to be stylish, you can't just pick up some random clothes and throw on, don't forget that a couple that slays together, stays together.  Be like Noble Igwe and Chioma Otisi.
To all my ladies, I hope I spoke your mind, and if there are things I missed, please let me know in the comment section.
To also make this interesting, I have decided to make this a two-way thing..I know ladies have their own bad habits too so I'd love to read from a guy's point of view. So if you're interested in making your opinions known, send your article to and I'll post it here ;)

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