This is one question that comes with different answers whenever it is asked. Most people will take it literally and go ahead with telling you their names(which is just safe in my opinion😞),some others will ask you again ' so you don't know who I am?'(oga will i ask if I knew),another person will give you a breakdown of all the titles he/she has ever received(cool story broπŸ™‰),in my secondary school for instance,our chaplain told us to tell people that we are the heritage of the almighty(awesome right?) I know some people are like so we'll be telling everybody that? It's not impossible, try itπŸ˜‰.
Anyway so we know your name,title and all but I'm still asking who are you? (My wahala is plenty yeah?lol). With each passing day we are on a journey of discovering ourselves. For some, it'll be relatively easy but for others it won't be funny(everybody's head is not the same abi?)now this doesn't mean you should give up and become one of those people who are just satisfied with where they are without even attempting to break the rock to take their honey. It might not be easy but it will be worth it eventually.The thing is you need to know who you are because that's how you will be perceived and treated by other people and if you're unsure probably because of the lack of confidence in yourself, you'll realize you're becoming what people want you to be and not your own person.
I'm pretty sure that's not the kind of life you want for yourself, not being able to take a stand on anything without having to lean on someone's opinion? Don't get me wrong though,no man is an island of knowledge, we all need each other at some point but seriously even for the littlest things? oh common!πŸ™…
You need to be YOU! Under no condition should you compromise who you are for what 'they' (everyone else)want you to be because in the end it'll be 'had I known?(this won't be our portion) I'm also aware of the serious pressures that come from family,friends,etc some of which we can't even escape. In cases like this, if we rely on our own understanding we'll definitely go wrong which is why you can't separate the spiritual from this journey of your life.
Sometimes this journey of finding ourselves takes a toll on us that we become so weak and tired not only physically but all round. At this point we just need things to take a new turn completely so that we can get back on our feet to continue this journey and have something to show for it and guess who's going to give you that strength,complete makeover and the boldness to tell the world confidently who you are?none other than the Almighty😊(yup you heard me)now along with that,you need to think deeply,discover and improve yourself on a daily basis as well as indulge in things that make you better and go with YOUR dreams and aspirations in life because in the end it's an individual race so.....Enough of the stammering and stuttering,it's about time you answered my question don't you think😏


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