Hi lovelies😊, how are you today? I hope your week is looking good already πŸ˜‰? Of course it is😚.
Okay so I'm sure a lot of you are wondering what I'm telling you to run from, well it's something rather serious and it must be treated with that kind of urgency. It's none other than the ever trending abuse in relationships and marriages. Now some people will almost 'chop me raw' by saying running doesn't always solve it because you don't even know whether the next person (in the case of relationships) might be worse,well that's true but at least it's a step ahead.
I've had the opportunity to hear from and read about some people who have been down this road and it really isn't pretty. Most people are quick to judge them not knowing what they're going through and the fact that it isn't reallly easy to get out.These abusers are so mean that the only way they feel good about themselves is by inflicting pain (physically,psychologically,etc) on their partners,that is their own way of reminding them that they're the boss.
They have different ways of doing this; it could be through the most common one which is hitting them.This one just makes me sickπŸ™€ like how do you just sit down and then conclude that punching her or throwing something at him is the answer?then after satisfying your urge (because I don't even know what to call it ) you see them in pain and you still don't STOP until it turns to a regular hospital matter(we know you have money but you can save it instead of spending it in the hospital everytime😐). As much as I am trying not to be biased,we all know that men abusing women is more rampant than the other way round and honestly it needs to stop(if you have facts to prove me wrong please do not hesitate to share but I'm sure I'm rightπŸ˜›).
Another thing they do is criticise everything that you do,you're never right and you never do anything right,(oh pleaseπŸ˜‘ shut up)you get blamed for everything;'the food is not tasty enough'(please the kitchen is not only for the woman except you don't like food sha),'the water is not cold'(the day I became the fridge or dispenser you'll tell me),'your friends are the ones corrupting you because you were not like this before' this one will then lead to isolation. You can't hang out with friends and family like you used to,your whole life revolves around them😣 I mean that's boringπŸ˜‘,even when something good happens to you,they just suck out the joy with their negative commentsπŸ˜’.
Then we have those ladies/women whose middle name is 'trouble'. They are constantly on the guy's neck saying different kind of things that makes the guy feel emotionally drained,sad and tired all the time,the worst case scenario is when she's probably bringing more to the relationship than he is because of her job or something πŸ™† mehn that's story for another day. Some even go as far as threatening their partners with sharp objects and stuff,embarrassing them at the slightest opportunity, it's just sad.
Finally, we have those ones who are just perverts😠all they want to do is satisfy what's between their legs and their own is by force except you want them to help you rearrange your face. The annoying thing is that it must be at their own time and convenience because your opinion is as useless as the 'P' in psychology.
You don't need to endure all these,you weren't created to suffer,you need to tell someone(you should be able to trust this person)what you're going through,sure it isn't the best story to share with a friend but everybody has their down moments in life. It is very important that you dont keep quiet about this and then if you know you can't bring yourself to tell someone,then RUN! Don't let that abuse be the death of you because you deserve way better than that.
For everyone who's going through one form of abuse or the other, may God miraculously bring you out of it and heal your heart and mindπŸ™


  1. Beautiful write-up! Keep up the good job. When you take to your heels in a relationship, should the same be encouraged in a marriage too, even in a long-lived marriage faced with upheavals?

    1. Thank you very much I'm glad you liked regards your question though,in the case of marriage, it might not be that easy to run especially when you've lived with that person for almost forever and there are kids involved which Is why you MUST tell somebody you trust exactly what you're going through because a problem shared is half solved. Thanks again!


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