To serve Nigeria is not by force!

Hi guys!!!

Yes i'm alive and well, I'm so excited to finally post this because network here is so crappy that I can't even deal. Anyway as most of you know,I'm in the nysc orientiation camp in cross river state. Guys this place is terrible I mean I had to hold my pee for two days straight (wasn't easy at all sha,I almost started crying at some point) because of the condition of the toilets and bathrooms.

On getting to the camp we were told to carry our boxes on our heads and start running, my brothers and my sisters whoever said being small didn't have its advantages is a big liar,once I did my puppy/baby face for the soldiers, they let me go. It was now time for us to carry our boxes on our head and do frog jump,I knew I might not be so lucky this time but then as my father in heaven will have it,it started raining heavily it was at this point that I knew all things were working together for my good πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†.

We wake up around 2/3am so as to avoid queue for the bathroom and then by 4:30am we must be on the meditation ground after which we will wait for Nigeria to wake up by 6:30/7am (you can imagine the nonsense,please what's my own if Nigeria decides to sleep throughout the day?) Let it be known that we are always standing throughout all these things o.
It's been really stressful honestly but I'm still standing to the glory of God.

I've also been trying to avoid all these calabar soups before 'Mr not-so-white' will become my new room. Our camp was even featured on Linda ikeji's blog as the worst camp,in all honesty,it's not that bad. We have normal hostels too but that hostel is actually the worst in camp and they quickly painted it after that episode (smh).
Good thing is I have a lot of friends as usual and I even met my friends from high school after like 5 years! Awesome stuff right?  So we gist and it's not so boring afterall. I also have this friend that sings SO WELL!!! I might just propose to him here, okay Bae I'm totally kidding you know it's just you *wink wink*.

I think I might have covered everything happening here, please just keep praying for me that I won't be sick or something like that cos i have just 7 days or so to gerrarahia mehn. #cantwaittoleaveobubra
Oh before I forget, I'm the smallest on camp but most people don't know there's a lady I'm a little bit taller than, don't worry I'm using the spotlight to the fullest.
Till next time my lovelies

Love you too much♡♡♡.


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