Worthless or Priceless?

Hey guys ;)
So I was going through my archives and I found this post,I actually wrote it for a friend's website a while ago and some of you read it there but there are some others who didn't know about it and I thought it'll be nice to share it right here on the blog. Consider it a bonus post ;) you know I'm nice like that.
So here goes;
Have you ever been in a situation where you feel like the whole world is up against you because nothing you ever do is enough for them? Well guess what? You're not alone☺At one point in time in our lives, we've all felt low and downcast because of the negative vibes we keep getting from people.
This in turn affects our attitude to life as well as our productivity because we become so depressed and drained in every way possible; physically,emotionally and even spiritually(let's face it,it takes a lot of faith at that point to talk to God and ours might not even be up to a mustard seedπŸ˜•).
Some people actually begin to dwell on what those people might have said to them and they begin to think that perhaps they can never do anything good or that they're just naturally useless(really?πŸ˜‘) Now I know that if we really want to be sincere with ourselves,we can't totally block out what people say to/about us(Well except you're a superhuman sha in which case I hail oπŸ™Œ)but what I do know is that we can make these people eat their words πŸ˜‰ Ya feel me?
You need to prove them wrong! No Need to get physical abeg(I no send you o because they will just beat youπŸ™†lol).
Anybody hating on you,picking on you and making You feel bad is probably threatened by a unique attribute of yours that they're dying to have and since they can't, they do everything possible to make you feel that you're nothing(meanies😠) ,some others are just naturally sadists (we can only hope and pray that God will touch themπŸ™).
There's no need for you to feel despondent because of one overdressed and overgrown bully, they're simply not worth your time and energy so please hand them over to God, go about your business and smile at themπŸ˜€and under no circumstance should you lose your cool.I know this can be difficult especially in this part of the world where 'bad-belle' is the order of the day but just like MI Abaga has said,it's allowed πŸ˜‰ so just try to be cool and if it gets too much for you to handle please do not hesitate to report to a higher authority.
You're awesome and you always need to remember that,anyone who says otherwise needs to rent a hall and take several seats.
They might need a bit of a reminder of how awesome you are so please show them and don't let their negative energy affect you in  anyway.
Ain't nobody gat time for casting down,we all need a lifting up.

P.S -I love you♡


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