Ready or Not?

Hi guys,
How are you and how was your weekend?trust it was fab and turnt and not boring and stressful like my own😝? I was literally singing/screaming all through the weekend,you really don't want to hear how I sound right now(some serious bass sturvs going on) it's all good though,I'm working on it.
Alright Alright Alright, so this past week as I was checking Twitter,(my handle is @luvlymide by the way and I follow back because I'm nice like that😊) a friend of mine tweeted something that really caught my attention and since then it has been going round and round in my head and I thought I'd share with you guys. The tweet was 'Don't be caught practicing when the spotlight beams on you' (very deep abi?). First thing I did when I read it was 'hmmm', you know that one that Yoruba people usually do when they are listening to or watching something very serious, yup that's the one. Now i know somebody might be like it's not even that serious. Oh well it is at least to me. If i were to interpret it i'ld say 'how ready are you for the greatness coming your way?' Or in typical Nigerian terms 'are you very sure you're prepared to blow?'

A lot of people have ideas and opportunities to make their dreams come true but this same lot have no idea about what they're going to do when this fame,wealth,success,etc comes which is why something that just started ends almost immediately and we don't want that.
Greatness comes with a mindset. You cannot keep doubting yourself and expect to be great. First things first,you have to believe and know that you are destined to be great and I'm not just saying it to inspire you or give you high hopes, I'm saying it because it's true,have you forgotten that you're the head and not the tail? If that doesn't say greatness well then I don't know what says.
Now Let me ask you this,how focused are you?see there are a LOT of things that will distract you from your goal and it could be anything at all so you really need to be careful,watchful and prayerful. Sometimes, when we're weak and in our low times,we become preys to these distractions but that doesn't take away our position as predators,it all depends on you.

I'm sure you're also aware that laziness does not amount to greatness,(God help us all especially me i know i can be very lazy)I know with all the stress we go through,we just want to take a break sometimes and that's okay because we know that 'body no be firewood' but after your rest,do you get back to the saddle or do you just decide to take the whole year off since greatness is yours anyway?
You also need to learn how to take charge of situations around you,think positively,and proffer solutions to problems but while doing this,don't be the one that everybody starts twisting their mouths, making side comments and pinching themselves when you arrive,or the one that they dont even ask for opinions because you will just be looking at them like ------(fill in the gap),of course there will be haters who will be mean but I believe there's a difference between hating on you and just simply tired of you not contributing to the greater good (too much Quantico πŸ˜†).
You need to take the horse by the rein now because greatness is closer than you think and how awful will it be if you are caught practicing when the spotlights beams on you? I mean nobody wants to pay to watch someone waste their time.
I believe the word I'm looking for is Be prepared.

Have a blessed and productive week.
Love you too much!♡♡♡
P.s- God bless Temi Adeleye for the tweet! *Help me say amin o*


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