Hi guys 😁 I know it's been a while and i'm really sorry about that 😘, I've been soo lazy and distracted  don't mind me, please find it in your big hearts to forgive meπŸ˜₯ thank you 😍😍😍😍😍
Okay so one of my lazy days I went down memory lane and I remembered something that I'll share with you. When I was much younger and still in primary school, we used to have this event we call character day ( as per tush school na ) where you get to dress up as who you want to be in future and then you tell everybody why you chose that profession and what you'll do when you become that thing. Now on one occasion, I dressed up as a lawyer with my black ' whatever - it's - called ' and my improvised wig, I wish I could find that picture and share it with you guys but then again why would I want to embarrass my fine self? Lol okay moving on, I read out what my mum had written for me and it was beautiful because believe it or not, I made the cover page of the school magazine that year. On another occasion, I dressed up as a banker with all them suit and sturvs, I really can't explain what happened that year sha because me and numbers are like tea and okro ( I've been cracking my head for a terrible combo since I hope this did the trick ) we just never see eye to eye. Anyone who knows me will know that I can't do maths to save my life to now say I want to be a banker? Me I pity that bank sha.
The same year I was dressed as a lawyer, one girl dressed as a dancer and  she actually looked beautiful but then we all gave her judgemental looks ( our parents inclusive of course ) as if to say 'where do you think you are' I mean why will you want to be a dancer in Nigeria? ?As per hunger go finish man pikin but then kaffy the dance Queen is doing beautifully well and her husband is a Drummer! Perhaps they have other businesses but that is what we know they do for a living. They might not be dangote rich, but to the best of my knowledge, they can afford the good things of life and kaffy is pretty famous. It might not be even dance or drumming, it could be art or culinary practices ( some people can do some crazy stuffs with food ehn ) but when you tell people or your parents that it's drum you want to be playing especially in this part of the world, you know that slap that crazeclown gives Ade in his videos, that's pretty much the response you'll get. ( go and look for crazeclown on instagram in case you're lost ).
My point is there's a lot of pressure on the average nigerian child as regards the kind of profession he / she should choose. Nigerian parents especially know how to make you start considering that ' na medicine go sure pass ' by the time they tell you that it'll be better if you just do medicine so that when you finish school they will just link you up with that your family friend who is a doctor in that big hospital in maitama. I know our economy isn't helping matters which is why they talk like that and we can only hope and pray that things will get better so that our country will not only be known for its diverse cultures but also talents that are being used , and also making people relevant as well as rich πŸ˜‰ that's the main abi?
God Bless Nigeria!✌✌


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