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Don't worry you're still on the right blog, I was just showing off a bit and asking how you guys are doing😊😊 remember when I said I was thinking of starting language classes? Well, I have started French classes! It's exciting too!

To the business of today, you guys remember the 'question and answer' technique we used for GirlschatSeries  last year? Yeah, I realized that I had missed it terribly, mostly because I wanted some more interaction on the blog.  I'm also thinking that once in a while I could use it for posts just to add more spice, yes?

Okay so today's question is one I consider quite controversial when it comes to dates and relationships.

"Who Should Pay for the first date and why?"

 So I asked around from my a few of my friends and I must confess, it was enlightening as well as hilarious (as always) for me. Here's what they had to say...

Tobi said  "The person who asks for the date should pay for it... I can offer to assist
You get... girl and guy,  we are equal."

Lolade said "It depends on who asked for the date, but then again the guys should pay and later on we can split bills but not all the time, because it will make him look like he's in control, but if she offers to pay fine and if he doesn't pay or make an attempt to pay She should pay for her food and go."

Jason said " just has to be that way It's kind of a must rule and also a macho type of thing I guess. Well if it's a first date regardless of who asks, I feel the guy should pay but I understand wanting the girl to pay on a first, it's kind of like guys not wanting to be taken advantage of, walking atm and all. But personally I'll like to see a girl make an effort. I'm not dangote"

Morin said "Who asked who out? He asked me, he's paying and vice versa."

Fisola said "It's mostly the guy, because I'm sure he was the one who asked the girl to go out on a date with him. It also depends on their relationship, but since it's d first date it will be the guy or two of them."

Christos: "Well I think the guy should always pay...IF he has the means. It just shows respect for the girl, that she's worth every spend and it is also good for the guy's confidence... However it's not bad if the girl pays as well. But I will always pay for the date...the rule of thumb is at least the guy should pay for the first 5 dates. Reason why I advice no guy should date any human until they come to a point where they have a little extra to spare for hosting another person without grumbling or feeling they are toast in their finances."

Yode said "The guy of course, or whoever initiates the date, because Courtesy."

Fikayo said "The guy should, Some guys dont know shame,  once you pick up the tab the first time, they'll expect you to do it again. You know that at times when ladies do stuff like pick up the tab or some other stuff, the guy will feel like she's trying to prove miss independent..."

Biola said " I think the guy should pay, since he's the one asking for a date although the girl can contribute by probably bringing something along to the date for him since you know he'll be the one paying. Basically just make an effort."

Esta said "Well for me it doesn't matter who pays. Anyhow it depends on who asks for the date you know...But in Nigeria most guys will pay because they know that's what is expected of them."

Well, Well, Well. So a lot of people seem to think that the guys should pay but it would be nice if the girl could also make an effort.

The other time when I was watching BK Chat LDN on YouTube, I remember this was one of their topics and it was a very heated argument! One guy said he has no problem  paying at all, but he would expect that the lady would at least bring out her purse in an attempt to pay, then he will tell her not to worry. Another girl countered this and said what is the point of all the drama? If you're going to pay then pay, why do I have to bring out my purse or whatever? Because the guy said he can leave the lady there if she doesn't make an attempt o πŸ˜†πŸ˜†

Personally, I always hate to feel like a burden on someone, so no matter who asks, I just will try at least to make sure that the other party just doesnt feel like a burden bearer. This is not me being all modest and what not, its just the truth. This is quite unrelated, but I remember one time while I was in uni, myself and a male friend of mine were in a cab and I already almost gave the driver money and the guy was like that's like a slap on his face, that how can I pay when he is thereπŸ˜‚  I guess there really is an unsaid rule of guys paying, but they're no more playing, as you can see from the replies above so whichever way just carry your own money before you will have to wash plates😊.

I feel like regardless of who asks, there's nothing wrong with the other person trying at least because you don't even know what can happen during the course of the date, what if the person's card is declined or the whole bill is way more than you budgeted? Are you going to say that because it's a first date and you were not supposed to pay you'll just allow such embarrassment? Of course not! But of course this is just from my point of view.

Over to You...

Who do you think should pay for the first date and why? Should I do this more often? I would love to know your thoughts.



  1. It has become a nigeria rule that a guy must pay wch is so wrong,they ought to share the burden equally nd if he says no need den fyn but the lady shud make an doin great,bring up topics more like this one.

    1. Hey Azeez I agree with you, we should make an effort. Thanks for readingπŸ’•


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