#Mondayinspiration || STAY WOKE!

If there's anything I've learned in the past one week, it's that this life is way too short, and we have to stay woke!

Today's #mondayinspiration is both emotional and spiritual in a way but as usual, I hope it inspires you.
How was your weekend?

We lost two people who were very close to my family within the week and it was so shocking and sudden to me. It made me realize that sometimes we get too comfortable with the happenings of life when we should actually take heed before we fall.

This journey of life is not one that has a visible expiry date like a wrap of gala, but the fact still remains that one day after all said and done, the owner of the soul will take it back. Would you have made impact then? Would you say you have fulfilled destiny? That talent or special skill that has been deposited in you, will you be able to account for it? Or are you waiting for one particular moment before you can swing into action?

How about those great ideas that you have come up with, how many people have you sold those to in the name of 'sharing'? As much as it is pertinent to have a great support system, you and I both know that not everybody will support you and your dreams, instead they're on standby to make sure you're far from achieving anything. Here, your 'staying woke' technique is a thorough detoxification  of individuals that serve or will serve as a stumbling block to your success in life so that they will not delay your purpose before the time is up.

I was talking to my cousin, one of the daughters of the deceased, and she was telling me that it was still like a dream to her, I mean it was still like a dream to me how much more her? I had earlier asked the holy spirit to give me the right words to say before I went to see them, because I was wondering what any of us could say that would be of comfort to them but then I realized that's not our job, we can only do so much. He's after all the great comforter.
(2 cor 1:3-4)

I don't mean to dampen your mood, rain on your parade or scare you especially so early in the week, but I realized that certain things happen that serve as a wake up call for us; I think I just got mine and I was really keen on sharing.

By the grace of God, we know that he will satisfy us with long life and also that affliction shall not rise up the second time, but do you know that you also have a role to play? You CANNOT afford to be careless. Not everytime baby boy and baby girl, sometimes crank up that spirit man, shine your eyes and make those supplications known.

Life is for the living and we only live once. How well are you making a mark in this short journey of life?

Over to You...

Have you gotten any 'wake up call' recently? What was it like? I would love to know your thoughts.

Have a fulfilling week!



  1. I so much understand how we must not take life for granted just because God promised us eternal. We must constantly be watchful and make supplications. Thankyou so much for this wake up call.

    1. Well said hun, thank you for stopping by❤❤❤


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