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How are you and how was the weekend? I'm so sorry that I didn't put up a #mondayinspiration post yesterday, I had a lot of errands to run. If you follow me on Instagram and Snapchat, (mides_thoughts & ms_mide respectively😊) you would know that my weekend was turnt! I ran from calabar for a few days and I came home to attend The Blogger Point's Brunch. This is actually the first time I'll be attending anything blogging related. As you guys know I'm a contributor for them and so I kinda like had to be there. Anyway this post is basically a report of all that went down on that day.

Normally, I'm not one to go out but one of the things we have to do in the selflove challenge is to step out of our comfort zones which I did (by the way do you know the challenge ends today?). So as I set out that day, my dad wanted to frustrate me to the point of not going again because we couldn't locate the place, if I knew I would have just called a cab or use uber but free ride now.

The Brunch was held on the 26th of August at Sueno Wellness Centre at Wuse 2 Abuja, and to be honest, they have a beautiful place. The theme of the event was "floral" so it was a courful event. I got there early because as a member of the team we had to help out with some things and officially meet. We decorated the picture wall and the tent we were going to be using.

I especially loved the petals that were used. Bloggers arrived a bit late because it was raining, actually it rained throughout but that didn't stop the fun at all.
We started off with the wine reception, although I didn't have any because I don't take alcohol, but I really loved the concept. I had Juice later though.

When a good number of bloggers had arrived, we did a little game called "speed dating" where we had 5 minutes to ask and memorize the name of the Blogger, name of the blog and the niche of the blog before we move to the next person. It was really cool.
Then we had time to network and I after I told people that I was "mide_thoughts", I got very amazing compliments. It felt good to know I was on the right track. Another thing that made me happy was that people liked the name of the blog, to think that I was going to change it, well not anymore.
There was cupcakes that was brought by a fellow blogger and caterer Rhoda. We also had Sweets and gummy bears to chew on while we talked. Oh and there was small chops tooπŸ˜‹.

My favourite part has to be meeting with other bloggers. Honestly bloggers in Abuja were very nice. My buddy for the day was Bukky a.k.a @prettyfaze. She's a doctor and a fashion blogger and she was very down to earth, we gisted and talked about so many things.

Next person I really loved was Maureen a.k.a moobib. She has an amazing smile and was so nice. She told me that she loved my blog and that I was an amazing writer. We exchanged numbers and it was really nice.

Then we did an activity where we were shared into groups and had to do a live blog post. I was in Grace Alex's group (yaay!) You guys remember I won her giveaway yeah? When I told her I was the one, she hugged me and I mistakenly put the cupcake frost on her hand, lol talk about being "star-struck"πŸ˜†

But I digress. Anyway our team came up with the topic "fashion on a budget and DIY" well we came first from the rear πŸ™Š but the good thing is the best dressed was from my team. Gillian Bacci also came and serenaded us with his lovely voice.

We learned a lot too, for example I learned that the professional name for a blogger is a "digital influencer" (thanks Indiana Rose!). We learned that no matter what we do, we should stay true to ourselves and not be afraid to get what we want.

After everything there was a goodybag for everyone but mine was 'mistakenly' taken by someone while I went to take pictures, when I got home like this my mum and my sister were so pissedπŸ˜‚ my dad woke up th next morning and was like she didn't allow him to sleep with the noise of the missing goodybag. The team is looking into it though. So if I eventually get it, I'll be unboxing it on snapchat so follow meπŸ˜‰.
In summary it was a very wonderful event, and I really commend the founder and the insiders for a great job, also to all the sponsors who helped out God bless you! We cant wait for more amazing events like this one.

For my outfit, I opted for something really simple. I got a top with floral details from a shop in calabar, my black pants which are thrifted and I paired it with my purple block heel sandals from payporte. I carried my black river island bag and had a friend do my makeup. As you might have noticed, I'm hopeless in that department.

Thank you for reading and have a lovely day.


Photo credit : Blankhut media, The Blogger point, Leemah,and Barakah.


  1. The best recap I've read about both brunches so far and I have read almost all of them ���� Mide. You are really a talented writer. Lol, we are those girls that drink fanta when people are sipping cocktails. I can't laugh. Put cake on the star's hand, when you now meet me, what will you do? You now lost goody bag on top. Bett why?? I would have been carrying mine everywhere o, no joke. The pictures are lovely by the way.

    1. Lmao Daniella, abeg this comment really cracked me up, mehn I can't afford to be drunk when in that kind of thing πŸ˜†πŸ˜†...you as per celeb may be I'll start tearing up oπŸ˜‚
      Thanks love for reading this😚😚😚

  2. portable is definitely the new hot baby!! was so surprise to see the face behind @mides_thought as last.it was nice meeting you dear.

    1. Baby girl leema, thank you darling. It was wonderful to meet you too😚😚😚

  3. I totally love your outfit!! This looks like it was a time of so much fun and networking! I hope would be around for the next event. Your style of writing by the way is amazing! <3

    1. Yes it was.Thank you soo much, I really appreciate it. I look forward to meeting you 😚😚

  4. Like Danie said, it's the best recap I've read so far and I soo wish I could have been there. I love your outfit btw

    1. Thank you Tobi😊, don't worry, there will be other events😘😘

  5. This is the first re-cap I'm reading of the Abuja one. Nice! Looks like you had fun, and thumbs up to the organisers for arranging this. Your top is also so pretty + the heels too! Well done!
    5 Useful Habits to Adopt this Month (and Always!)

    1. Awww thank you so much Kachee, I really did have fun. Thanks for reading❤


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