7 Things That Make Me Feel Confident

Hey Guys!

How was the weekend? I'm sure a lot of people are so excited that today is a public holiday, I hope you're making the most of it though? Well there's no holiday per se for me because today is my final clearance, yes that's right. That NYSC thing that I dreaded for so long is finally coming to an end. *inserts victory dance*  Watch this space for deets about my NYSC diaries!

Alrighty! For some of us that are very conversant with the blog, you'd remember that I did a Self Love Challenge in August, and I talked about how it was an amazing experience Here. Now this particular post is what I'll call an aftermath of that excercise. A lot of us are aware that from self love comes self confidence, self worth, self respect and just a great self esteem generally. Some of the books I read during the challenge really explained how important it is to build up your confidence as a person because it is one of the things that determine how successful you can be in life. You would have to agree  that there is truth in that.
Confidence is that feeling of certainty and assurance that you know what you're doing even when you don't. The mere fact that you express a form of surety in anything you do in life will make people interested in your personality.
Self Confidence can be shown in various ways; behaviour,  body language, how you speak, what you say, etc.
In this post I have put together seven (7) things that make me feel confident.

Here goes...

1) Walking Straight Ahead Without looking Sideways: I actually mean this both literally and figuratively. I have come to realize that one of the moments when I really feel good about myself and highly as well is when I walk which is everyday so you see that I ooze confidence lol. Now as a portable lady, I made it one of my life's mission (okay it's not that serious) to develop my confidence because a lot of people tend to take us for granted like we don't know our place. Imagine that as petite as I am, I slouch when I walk or I find it hard to even look at people and talk to them, I mean you'd just regard me as some child who probably got lost. This has nothing to do with height but I'm just explaining it from my point of view. Being able to really focus on where I'm going and getting there without paying attention to distractions on the way makes me feel confident.

2) Writing: Most times when I write, I randomly go back to check what I had earlier written and many times I always ask myself "you wrote this?" Not in the way of self doubt but rather admiration and confidence. I always go back to read many of the inspirational posts I write because let's face it, we all need to be inspired. When I read through, I feel like I know what I'm doing and it gives me great joy. Even when people refer to me as a writer or blogger, there's this iota of confidence that  screams "Yup that's me!" How many people can relate?

3) Encouraging People: Before I started blogging, I've been in a lot of situations where I had to advise, counsel and encourage my friends to the extent that a friend of mine even suggested that I go into relationship counselling haha! Like I always say, I'm not an expert but it just happens that I always have something to say. This is not me tooting my horn but I'm guessing there's a reason that people keep telling you stuffs and expect that you listen and give them your candid two cents on it right? My point is whenever I get to talk to people and encourage them, I feel fufilled because I notice that there's a change in the countenance of the person and honestly one of the greatest feelings ever is for people to actually take what you say seriously.

4) Being the First Child: You're probably wondering "wait what?!" But yeah, for those who don't know I am the first child and I have four siblings, three sisters and one brother. I know what you're thinking, Yup they're all taller and bigger than me. Though they always feel sorry for me and make jokes about the whole thing, what they don't know is I secretly love it! Not the jokes though, those can be really annoying.
The fact that I'm in charge feels good all the time. Or when we go out and the waitress is probably waiting for the tallest one to make the order and then it's the other way round, that feeling of confidence is just priceless. You guys feel me right?

5) Wearing a Pair of Beautiful Heels: it's no news that I love shoes and if you're a fellow shoe lover, Holla! I don't know how many of us especially we ladies feel really confident when we are properly dressed particularly when we have the right pair of heels? That's when you hear words like "on fleek". When you strut and make your way into any place with a smile,the right outfit and shoes, you're automatically commanding respect without you even knowing! These days people are really looking at the shoes, so start investing in some amazing pairs and you'd be glad you did.

6) Taking Risks: Someone who is not ready to take risks can never be confident because there will always be self doubt. In these past few months, I have taken quite a number of risks and really put myself out there because i have realized that life indeed begins outside your comfort zone. So far so good some of it has yielded good results and some of it not so much but that's why it's called a risk right? Learning from my mistakes has geared me up to want to try again.

7) The God-factor: The way I see it, Faith and confidence go hand in hand. When I'm about to embark on something, the fact that I know that there's someone looking out for me, I go all the way with my chin up. I know for sure that he hasn't given me the spirit of fear but of love of power and of a sound mind, (2 tim 1:7) so what's the need for the cowardly behaviour and doubts? Being fully aware that his thoughts towards me is to give me an expected end, I have never been more confident.

A part of me just wanted to share some of the pictures I took a while back with you guys so I hope you like them? If you've noticed, I'm a bit laid back when it comes to style so I opted for something really simple as usual. The photography was done by my friend and photographer Hafmula, he shot my birthday pictures too Here
Here are the details of my outfit below;

Cat eye frames: Dior
Top: Tailored
Nude courts: Core collection
Purse: Primark (also a gift from my sister)

Over to You...

What are the things that make you feel confident? What on my list can you relate to? Do you often struggle with self doubt? How would you style this outfit?

P.s: while we are on the subject of style, I'm thinking of introducing a new segment on the blog called "Style Personality" where I interview and talk about some really stylish people, it'll be a monthly thing too. What do you guys think? Yay or Nay?



  1. YaY! To the style personality. Yasss girl, walking in heels changes me totally.

    1. I know right! Thanks for stopping by loveπŸ’•πŸ’•

  2. I really love this post. I think I can relate with pretty much everything, especially God and heels factor lol. Being confident really goes a long way; it also helps with dealing with people that love condemning everything you do when deep down they want to be like you... Great Write Up dear

    1. I totally agree with you, thanks boo😚

  3. Do I need to keep saying great post all the time, you already know!! I wonder is there is anything like blogpost on fleek?? LOL. I enjoyed reading this cause I'm on a journey to discovering, loving and feeling confident in myself. I have a lot of comparison issues and insecurities. It's not a one day thing but a journey and every point here completely helps. Thanks for sharing portable madam.

    1. Baby Girl thank you so much, this comment really warmed my heart. I'm glad the post was helpful too, I completely agree that its a step by step thing but I'm confident that you'll get there eventually.πŸ’•

  4. Great post. My confidence is in God. I have tried it both ways. This way works for me. I am invincible when God approves what I do. Yay! to the style personality.

  5. Definitely the walking in heels... And I know that feeling of being the shortest..im not the first born but my younger sister Is way taller then me so boss move when I'm the one making the decisions when we're together haha.


    1. I know right😁😁😁 thank you for stopping by Tolu😚😚

  6. Heels definitely make me feel more confident. And other than writing, just looking back at my past work or achievements can be a confidence booster or also receiving feedback.

    www.KacheeTee.com || Bloglovin'!
    4 Perfectly Do-able Traditions for (Young) Couples

    1. Yass to the heels! I agree with you on the feedback aspect too.
      Thanks for reading kachee.❤


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