Girlschat series 13 || What is the Most Annoying Thing About Periods?

Hey Lovelies!

Welcome to another #Girlschat Thursday! I hope your day went well? Mine was good too thanks for asking😊

So today we will be talking about a rather interesting and important topic when it comes to us girls;  "period". I remember Danie's first Girlschat post was how to prepare for your period and she even shared a personal story about hers as well.


About a month ago or so, I saw a thread on Twitter and it addressed what the most annoying thing about your period was I just had to contribute So today I decided to bring it "home" and ask you beautiful ladies because I know that the "time of the month" is like the most annoying and painful thing ever.
As usual, I asked a few ladies to know what theirs were and I could totally relate with some of them while others made me laugh πŸ˜†.

Here goes...

Similade said : My cramps. Jesus it's like they are snuffing life out of you. If labour pain is more than the pain I feel during my period, na die be dat o!!! I just hate the whole blood thing. Just tires me out trying not to be stained, managing my pain and my distorted hormones. Someone will just be cranky for no reason.

Simisola said : The third day. It's always rushing, If I have my way I don't always wish to go out on the third day because I end up getting stained.

Toun said : Ahhh the pain πŸ™ˆ

Miracle said: The pain and I lose appetite. I also get headaches, I get easily disgusted by things and people, So I tend to be quiet.

Kufre said : When the blood is gushing out with severe pain at the same time,
It's soo annoying and makes me soo uncomfortable, It can ruin the day.

Esta said : Oh my goodness, the anger, I'm  always really angry I can actually kill If you look for my trouble, I start shouting like I'm a mad woman. After that I Start panting like someone that ran for Olympics and its tiny things that vex me. Then the pimples, plenty like rashes.

Ronke said : I don't get to sleep well because I don't wanna get stained. I hardly have cramps though so I'm  quite lucky. I change my pad an average of 5 times a day, but before I used to cry when I see my period because I'm  always scared of seeing blood.

Tosin said : The fact that I can't wear just any outfit.. I'd be too scared to put on a white outfit except I wouldn't wear it for long... But if it's like a whole day's outing, dem no born me well..

Wow! Esta's reply killed meπŸ˜†πŸ˜†  Thank you Ladies for your time.

As for me, the whole thing just stresses me out completely! I start feeling pains like 2 weeks before. It will start from the back down to the waist, then my boobs will ache so much that any movement I make will just make me want to cry. Then apart from the painful boobs, the swelling will give you false hopes especially we that have small boobs and then after the period, it will return to its normal "slippers-mode".

How about the sleeping or sitting position? Every five minutes, you have to tell your friend with style to help you check whether you're stained. There was one night like this, while I was in my period, I was dreaming that I was playing with water and I poured some on my leg so it started trickling down, my lovelies little did i know that it was "you-know-what" that was trickling down and I was about to stain the bed. Honestly I have to say it was God that woke me up, because as soon as i felt that 'water' trickling down, i woke up and ran to the bathroom immediately I got there I saw the blood and I just started smiling because I can't imagine the work I'd have done in the morning.

I can't also forget the crankiness and irritation. Like everything annoys me and I just want to sleep but these humans, they always want to talk.  The bloating doesn't help matters at all, it's very frustrating.

Everytime I'm on my period, I always wonder how childbirth will be like because that pain is just excruciating and to think that some feel it like throughout the whole time. I always thank God mine is just for three days. Some people have theirs for a week straight and it's always accompanied with pains, nausea, irritation, etc. If there's anyone like that reading this, the Lord is your complete Muscle 😩.

That's is from me today guys.

Now over to you...

What are some of the most annoying, difficult and painful aspect of your period? How do you handle it? I would love to know your thoughts.

P.s- Danie is sharing another personal story with us today on her blog so let's go check it out, as you know this is a Collaboration between both of us.

Mide ♡


  1. Hmmmn.
    Now I know God loves and favours me too much. If there's one thing I always thank God for each time, it's a very smooth, safe and sound period. God has been too good to me on that one.
    I know the day it's gonna come exactly. The first day is usually heavy though. And then the next two or three days turns out a very smooth home drive. I do not have cramps or any of such menstrual least not anymore in very recent times and in recent past. So I'm all the more grateful to God during that period because I know Jesus already bore the pains for me when he died on the cross. Glory!

    1. Amen Sister! You're way too lucky, Some of us are always rolling in pains😒 Thanks for reading loveπŸ’•

  2. Ahh😳😳 the pains... Can be really annoying😩 and the anger too lol

    1. I know right😧😧 May God help us all. Thanks for reading hunπŸ’•

  3. Gosh. The nausea is annoying. Sometimes, I'm like it's better for me to just throw up than to be feeling nauseous all the time.

    1. Lol sorry, I always thank God that I don't usually feel nauseous during my period because I so hate vomiting. Thanks for reading darlπŸ’•πŸ’•

    2. Lol sorry, I always thank God that I don't usually feel nauseous during my period because I so hate vomiting. Thanks for reading darlπŸ’•πŸ’•

  4. I always break out on my right cheek, huge gigantic pimples, why only the right side, I dunno. When I was younger, I used to worry about getting stained but now I think I'm a no stain pro except when I'm at home. I stick to black and dark blue bottoms once the dates are close, I can't risk wearing any light colours no matter the occasion. Then the cramps, you know some m.p. can make someone feel like rapture has happened and you've been left behind like that kind of anti-christ excruciating pain.

  5. before my P comes,its gives a week sign and the sign help to know when to stop drinking cold water,sweet tins etc
    that helps to reduced the plain....
    and I feel plains for like two days or less..
    but d most annoying aspect of it all,
    D stain
    u jus va to be checking if u re stained always..

    1. I can totally relate with having to check every second whether it's a blood bath, so annoying! Thanks for sharing love😚


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