5 Life Hacks To Adopt In Our Daily Lives

Hey Guys!

How has your day been? Mine has been filled with a lot of activities hence the delay in today's post, but the good thing is it's here!

I came across the Life Hack app a while back on my friend's phone, and I've been hooked since then. I realized that apart from all those other stuffs they tell you to do like removing pimples with toothpaste, there are a lot of other 'deep' stuffs there too.

Okay so today's post is similar to the last Monday inspiration where I shared some Inspirational quotes. Today I'll be sharing five  (5) very important life hacks that we all need to adopt in our daily lives.

1) In reality this is quite difficult, but it all boils down to keeping a positive mindset about everything we go through in life. Complaining all the time doesn't make it go away, it allows it to constantly be present because you're always "poking" it by complaining. Adopting a more positive appproach towards whatever is bothering you however will make you see ways on how to get rid of it.

2) In order for us not to say or do something we will regret when we're angry, it's always better for us to first of all take a deep breath and be slow to speak.

3) There's B,C,D all the way to Z, so what's your excuse of remaining in one position? Move to the next option!

4) Its absolutely risky for you to base your life's decision on the advice of those people who don't have to deal with the results. You might be putting yourself and those who matter at risk in the process.

5) "Worry will only drain tomorrow of its troubles, it will only drain you of your strength today." Rather than sitting down and thinking about what went wrong, focus on the way forward and move on.

Over to You..

Which of these Life Hacks do you agopt daily? Which of them are you having problems with? What other ones would you suggest? I would love to know your thoughts.

Have a Productive week ahead.



  1. Interesting quotes. Really inspiring. I like the feel of your blog, Aramide. So nice.


    1. Hey Amaka,thank you so much! Means a lot😚😚

  2. if "plan A" didn't work out,
    the alphabet has 25 more
    its gives hope dat wen one door closes 25more doors re waitin for u to open dem....
    nice post.

    1. Yes! That's another good analogy to it. Thank you for reading and sharing your thoughts Faith😚

  3. These are definitely very interesting
    I am obsessed with life hacks myself
    My favorite? Keep pushing.
    No matter what, just keep trying, keep getting up after another failure, keep working your butt off even if you aren't seeing nothing, keep the faith alive, and no turning back, ever!
    Great site you got here, by the way!

    1. Wow,that is some deep stuff you just shared and I'm really grateful.
      Thanks for reading Imaobong❤


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