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Hey Guys!

Happy Sunday! I hope we're ready for a new week? Yeah i know, it was just Friday some minutes ago *sadface*
I pray that this new week will be filled with all things good for us.

This post is actually long overdue and that's why I had to write it today. Last weekend, Saturday precisely I went for an event that I was invited to and this is a recap of how it went down. After attending TBP's brunch, I got a mail that said I was invited to attend "Style Scenery". I was quite excited because I had something to look forward to, and that explains my leaving calabar a day after my Passing out parade. But I digress.
After reading through the whole meaning of style scenery I made up my mind that i was going to attend because a little networking never hurt nobody right?

"STYLE SCENERY is a platform dedicated to bringing together entrepreneurs in the fashion, beauty and lifestyle sectors across Nigeria to a forum where they can meet, network and exchange ideas. We will be devoted to the development and unification of the fashion labels and designers, beauty and cosmetic experts and also lifestyle entrepreneurs. This will lead to a stronger Nigerian cultural and market influence in international fashion.
The event will be responsible for promoting indigenous creativity through our networking platform for fashion, beauty and lifestyle in the Nigeria.
This lifestyle experience event will include activities such as shopping, fashion illustrations, networking, beauty tips and so much more. Abuja’s pioneer entrepreneurs in areas of fashion, beauty and lifestyle will be recognized at the event and they will be available for mentorship and also share their experiences in their various fields. It will be an opportunity for everyone to discuss the future of the Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle (FBL) industry. "

Okay so basically, I just copied and pasted the mail that was sent to me 😊 but that's what the whole event was about. What really caught my attention was the fact that they said it was a "lifestyle networking event" as opposed to the name, because I was starting to wonder if was just going to be a fashion thing.

The event took place on the 8th of October 2016 at Flaming Flamingo Poolside and Restaurant Jahi, Abuja. The venue was everything guys! So beautiful! On getting there I saw that quite a number of people were there already. Different stands were erected; Mint Organic, Llham skincare, Maison Mimi, Zamoux cosmetics, So clear make up, house of scarfs, holma designs, Big H studios, siyam( she even gave us a free keyholder!) etc.

Complimentary keyholder by @_siyam_

For me it was a sort of shopping party, I mean I could see people talking and moving around but it was mainly buying and selling. Earlier that day, I hit my both legs but I still wanted to wear heels so that was a perfect excuse for me not to move around. I was initially supposed to go with my friend Maureen whom I met at the blogger's brunch but for reasons beyond us, she couldn't make it, so I went with my younger sister instead.

@Big 'H' Studios 

We had cupcakes, drinks and small chops.

Something funny happened though. After I decided that I was ready to stand up and do a little networking, I found my way to the Nail Bar's stand where I met a blogger @arazuri_africa you can follow her on instagram. We got talking and exchanged instagram handles but that's not even the interesting part, while we were in front of the Nail bar, I decided to get nail polish because my sister mentioned that she wanted. My people that's how after they had helped us pick 3 lovely colours, they told us to pose for picture with their cute bag, while I was there posing and shining teeth, they just said "that'll be 10,500" I didn't even know they were talking to us because i was still standing there posing. When I finally booted, I humbly returned them and said I can't buy 3 nail polishes (is that even correct?) for 10,500 in this our wonderful economy. 
That's how they now even said they even have the one for 150k in their main Bar! Arazuri had to ask whether it has gold in itπŸ˜‚ Because I had the same thoughts too. I collected their card though in case of the future.

Arazuri and I chatted for a bit about TBP and blogging generally before she went away. I also met with the @FamPR Priscilla, who is the PRO for Style Scenery, she was so nice and friendly too. After walking around for a bit I decided that I had stayed enough so we went home.
Overall, it was a good event and I had fun.

Outfit Details
Dress: @zeecreations
Shoes: Payporte
Purse: Primark

Thank you for reading, hugs and kisses😚😚



  1. Hahaha. 10,500 for three nail polish? Ogini? Is it really gold not to talk of the 150k own sef. Would rather just keep saving to buy Range Rover..��
    And oh! You looked great to the event.


    1. My dear, I was perplexedπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I'm with you on that range parole.
      Thanks boo😚😚

  2. Lool. I can imagine how you felt when you realised they were talking to you. Sorry about your leg and you look fab!

    1. My dear, It was as if I was hearing doubleπŸ˜‚ thank you boo😚😚

  3. Are you kidding me, wow girl. Do people really pay that much for nail polish. And the venue looks good.

    1. My thoughts exactlyπŸ˜† yes the venue was amazing! Thanks for stopping by loveπŸ’•


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