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Hey guys,
How are we doing today? How many people is the 'strike' affecting? I actually went to work only to find my office gate locked and I'm like why didn't anybody call me or something?? They just allowed me to waste transport money πŸ˜‘
Anyways, I recently came across  a very nice blog I must add, she somehow reminds me of myself, we write similarly. You guys should check out her blog. So I saw this post on her blog "currently I am" and it was like a sneak peek into her life at the moment and I thought it was fun, I told her I would do same on my blog and she told me to go for it!

So currently I am,

Wearing a camisole and shorts since I had to take off my leather skirt and denim jacket that I wore to work😐

Admiring Adeola Fayehun, she's a beautiful U.S based journalist and she's also a correspondent for Sahara reporters. She's funny and she's just simply amazing. You can check out her show "keeping it real with Adeola". She's also my namesake 😌

Wishing Nepa would bring the light right now, all my stuffs are dead.

In awe of God and his faithfulness to me and my family, 2016 has been one of our best years so far.

Determined to rise above all obstacles, succeed in life and be a reference point.

Craving Amala and okro soup with pomo and Turkey( preferably from iya yusuf) only my Ilorin people will understandπŸ˜‰

Excited about staying at home all day 😊😊

Feeling fulfilled, I know I'm not there yet but I'm loving every step of the journey.

Anticipating when National Human Rights commission will pay me my money, guys I've not been paid for 5 months, 5 months!

Happy that I finally completed my NIM registration after they frustrated me last week, I was almost in tears.

Appreciating life and life in abundance, my family, friends and you guys!πŸ’‹

Irritated by a recent stalker that has been disturbing me, ugh so annoying.

Inspired by Linda Ikeji not just because she's a blogger but because she's a strong,determined and independent woman. She's also very simple and generous. Plus those her bags and shoes😍

Planning to elope with my lover to the my dreams, in real life, I'm planning to write another exam, so sad.

Loving the person I'm becoming, the bold steps I've taken in recent times, I can't wait to explore more.

Regretting all the chances I didn't take and all the lost opportunities.

Unsure about whether to eat, sleep or watch Quantico. Tough decision I tell you.

Reading Spiritual gifts by Pastor Adeboye and my NIM study pack.

Listening to the Hold on by the walls group, that song gives me life.

Guys let me ask you, what are you excited about at the moment?

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Enjoy your day



  1. I'm currently excited I have to stay back in Lag for two weeks with nothing really to do, than going back to Edo to nothing really still. Lol

    1. This nigga, you're just lazy😝 thanks for sharing thoughπŸ˜‰


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