7 Basic Blogging Essentials

Hi Guys!

Happy New month!

I pray that God's grace will be available for us throughout this month and always.

If you read my 2nd Year Blogversary Post , you'd remember I said I'd be sharing some blog related tips that have helped me or that I'm still currently learning from, not because I'm an expert, but because we grow when we grow together.

I have already debuted that segment on Barakah's blog as a guest post where I talked about some Blogging challenges and how to overcome them (Feel free to check it out!)
I have come to realize that there are some basic blogging essentials we need to familiarize ourselves with in order to have a successful blogging journey so to say.
I will be sharing some of them today,so sit back, relax and enjoy.

(Not an expert, remember? Okay good)

Here goes...

1) It's Not Just About Writing: As much as writing and making your opinion known to your readers really matter, that's not the only thing you should focus on. One thing you also need to focus on and take seriously is networking! The way you interact with fellow bloggers, the way you pitch your brand (still learning this one! ), your relationship with other brands as well, all these really go a long way. Basically, the power of networking cannot be overemphasised when it comes to blogging.

2) Be Ready To Learn: If there's anything I've learned so far, it's that the blogosphere is always evolving and there's so much that we need to keep up with. You don't want to be left behind, so at any given opportunity, look for ways to equip yourself further.

3) Learn From Others: This is like the previous point. Whether you like it or not, there are people who are more 'skilled and Knowledgeable' when it comes to blogging and it's rudiment. Don't be afraid or shy to ask, yes I know that there are some bloggers who withold information or act rude when you ask them stuff, but there are also some who will be glad to give you some pointers on how to blog successfully, don't give up after just one attempt. Better things lie ahead.

4) Help The 'Ministry' Of Others: In the long run, you're actually helping yourself. A single like, comment, share, retweet goes a very long way. It takes nothing for you to help spread the word about your fellow blogger's new post, giveaway or whatever really. I have noticed that this even helps to form good relationships amongst bloggers because there's a form of unison. Eventually all that kindness will pay off some day.

5) Make Yourself Available for Collaborations: You might eventually not agree to all of them, but at least keep an open mind about it. There's so much that you can do alone, and from personal experience, magic happens when you collaborate with a fellow blogger(s). It helps you and your blog grow.

6) Celebrate Little Blogging Milestones: It could be your 100th Post, your 1000th page view or your Blogversary, these 'minor' celebrations have a way of boosting your morale. They give you the needed confidence and make you feel like you're on the right track, so I think it's really important to pay attention to these things because you might not know, but they matter. Be your greatest cheerleader even if people don't think it's worth celebrating, you're doing an amazing job so by all means celebrate!

7) Don't Be in a Hurry: Even I am guilty of this, I have to make a conscious effort to stop it. A lot us start out and suddenly we want to be accorded the same attention and popularity that our 'seniors' are getting, forgetting that some of rhese people have been in this tging for a while. In fact some just want to immediately start getting paid and i'm like 'whoa slow down'. We just want to do everything within our power to get to that level fast, even if it means doing it wrong. It's certainly not wrong to desire that beautiful height, but we need to be careful not to be in such a Hurry that will push us to do the wrong things that will take us back to square zero. Give yourself time, rome wasn't built in a day, you'll get there.

That's it Guys!

Happy Blogging!

Over To You...

Did you find any of these helpful? What other basic blogging essentials do we need to know? I would love to know your thoughts



  1. True oremi! As much I laugh at the silly things I mixed up in the past I am happy that I have learnt and I am still learning. I remember wanting to ask sisi yemmie something but was a bit skeptical about it,funny enough she responded nicely and I was like "oh wow, you never can tell",networking can't be over emphasized,it is really important as well...I mean I can only agree with all that you have said. Well done

    1. My love, we thank God for growth! You know if we dont ask, the answer will always be no. Thank you for stopping by❤❤❤

  2. These tips are really accurate. Networking and interacting are major Keys. Also, you should be careful when accepting collaborations. Thank you for these tips.


    1. Glad they helped! Thank you for reading Collins!😚

  3. All honest and practical tips.Thanks for sharing this Mide. I think helping others out is very important. Helping to share or retweet another bloggers post shows you're not only after your own popularity but after their growth too. As for the last number, I have a personal thing with that aspect of blogging, although things take time and Rome wasn't built in a day. I like to think that hardwork is what makes someone stand out irrespective of when or how you started. It's not about how long but how well. About always learning and evolving that's so true. xx

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    1. Well said Danie, there's truth in that as well. Thanks for sharing loveπŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•


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