6 Ways To Manage Your Time On Social Media

Social Media! The average millennial's best friend, the tool that was put in place for us to use but always ends up using us!

Okay before I go on sounding like a poet that I'm not, we can all agree that social media can be our very own bane without proper usage and management and to think that there are so many of them now!

Personally, a tangible part of the money I dont have I have in Jesus name goes to the purchase of data just to be updated on what's happening on the gram, who just got jammed on Twitter, etc. Dont even get me started on these service providers that know how to chop your money πŸ˜‘

Asides these trivial purposes, as a blogger I have more pressing issues like making and promoting posts, maintaining a credible online presence,etc.

So how do we really get around all these?

This post brings to you ways of managing your time on social media so that it doesn't suck you into oblivion and leave you unproductive.

Let's get to it! Shall we?

1) Planning and Organizing: When you successfully plan out all you have to do on the internet and stick to that plan, it is one step easier to managing your time on social media. You will be able to allocate the time to spend on each tool, that will also aid productivity.

2) Prioritize: After mapping out your plans, now you decide which one of these tools require the most attention, don't forget your actual work off the net as well!

3) Track Your Time Online: It's not enough to just allocate a particular time to your work on social media, you also have to track the time because it has a way of luring you away from being productive. I know that sometimes our hands have a mind of its own, for instance if my plan is just to make post instagram, I won't know when my hands will wander to the explore option or instastories and like that, a 15 minutes time frame turns to 30 minutes and before anything else, MTN will tell you that your data balance is remaining 360mb πŸ˜•
My point is allocate the time for everything, to make post, to comment, to send DMs and stick to it. Not easy at all but let's work towards it.

4) Use Your Networks Productively: This is very important. Nowadays, a lot of people have been able to make money of social media despite the fact that it can be disadvantageous. How then do these people do it? Identify the networks that work effectively for you, your brand or your business and use it productively. Which networks do you get very good responses from your audience? Focus on these selected few, brush up on your communication and networking skills and get to work.

5) Get Rid Of Some Apps You Don't Really Need: We all know that some of these social media applications are not really important as such, they just take space on our phones and eventually in our heads. It will really do us good if we can actually focus on the apps we NEED rather than the ones we just see all our friends downloading.

6) Stop Procastinating Your Actual Work: I always wondered what happened before the advent of social media, but whether a like it or not, there was life before it and there's still life outside it now- some of us tend to forget sometimes. We keep pushing our actual work just to 'quickly' spend a few 'minutes' on social media. We all know how that usually turns out. When you have work to do, do it before you go and check who has liked and commented on your new post, there will be time for that later.

Oh and one more thing, create time for your actual life, you know the one where you have visible family and friends, where you can call people instead of just chatting with them (ugh! I'm so guilty of this😭)
May God help us!

Over to You...

Do you have a social media routine? How do you stick to it? I would love to know your thoughts.



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