Sometimes, we get so tired after a long day's job, and it's almost as if we were hit by one invisible stick that just knocks us down to the extent that you won't even be able to keep your eyes opened. Don't even get me started on the combining factors that can add to the stress; the traffic and the sun being very prominent factors. We all have those days.

Now after a very stressful day like this, a lot of us don't know that we're supposed to relax and unwind in order for us to be well rested for the next day. Nigerians in particular make it seem like resting and relaxing is for those who are jobless and not serious. We are all about that 'hustle' life. As much as it is very neccessary and compulsory to chase these dreams and the cheddar, rest should be paramount on our to-do list. Remember that life is for the living.

Enough said. Today's post is a compilation of different ways to unwind after a very stressful day. My list is based on my personal experience, but I do hope that you'll share yours with me at the end of the post!

1) Take A Long And Relaxing Shower: After a very hectic day, you want wash away all the dirt and impurities of that day and relax your nerves for the next day, you also want to feel fresh and smell good. A shower is ALWAYS a good idea!

2) Eat: Eating is also very important activity in this process of unwinding. You probably did not eat any tangible thing throughout the day, it is at this time that you refuel and eat at the comfort of your home. Food is bae😍

3) Read A Book: I love books and that helps me relax as well. It could be books on wattpad, hard cover books or even just inspiration books (which I have a ton of on my phone) that motivate me and get me ready for the next day. Reading books can be very relaxing because they just take you to somewhere else entirely where you don't have anything to worry about...for the main time at least.

4) See A Movie: You already know I love movies, and this is one of the things I do before I start dozing off 😝. I used to be able to watch movies for a very long period of time, but nowadays it's almost like immediately I open my laptop, I start sleeping, it's annoying. Movies help me a great deal in unwinding after a stressful day, I particularly love comedy where I can just laugh and relax.
(What movies help you unwind?)

5) Listen To Soothing Music: Music is another beautiful and relaxing tool that helps you to unwind and rest properly. Notice I said 'soothing' not party jam or really loud songs?
Currently I'm listening to 'You waited' by Travis Greene and it not only helps me to relax, it keeps me connected to my source, Jesus. (You need to listen to it!)
Another musician that her songs help ne relax is Brandy, I love Brandy! Songs like 'piano man' , 'I don't care', ' right here' are my jams! I just lay on my bed and I'm literally calm and relaxed. Invest in some beautiful soothing songs and you'd be glad you did.

6) Sleep/ Rest: Sometimes I skip every other part and jump to sleep because I'm just so tired and all I want to do is sleep. In my opinion, sleep is one of the best things that God created and I do NOT joke with my sleep at all. You shouldn't too. It's very important to keep you relaxed and sane actually.

 The point is, when you go about pretending that sleep and rest is for the weak, one day,  your body will tell you otherwise and then you'll begin to wonder how it happened. Pay attention to your body and whenever, you feel stressed, make sure you look for how to combat it. My method may not be your method, but just do you and make sure you are relaxed.

Over to You...

How do you unwind after a stressful day? I would love to know.

Have a stress-free week ahead!



  1. Just reading this feels relaxing and make me wanna sleep already! I agree with all these, I'm a huge fan of music to bed and series too...I watch it till it start watching me back...grins

    That bathing is key!

    1. Hey hun! My partner in series😊, thank you for reading dearπŸ’•πŸ’•

  2. 1,24,6 is how I unwind. Thanks for sharing Aramide.


    1. Nice pick😊
      thanks for reading hun!


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