One of the things that people dread most is being shoved aside and not considered as relevant. The fact that nobody really pays attention to you or anything you have to say, goes a long way to affect your self esteem and confidence. As a result of that, many of us try a lot to just make ourselves noticed, some even resulted to doing it the easy 'high service' way.

In today's post, I have put together some points taken from a book I'm currently reading (Power up, Speak up and Be heard - Kay White) , to help us to be 'heard' wherever we find ourselves in.

How was the weekend? Happy New month once again!

Being Heard is not as easy as it seems and it takes a lot of continuous effort to get to that point that you become a valuable and a rather 'noticeable' person.

I have five (5) points that will definitely help you with that. Stay with me!

1) Be Assertive: Notice I didn't say, 'aggressive'? Yeah that's because they're very different things that some people tend to interchange with each other. Being assertive means being confident, determined, emphatic and firm. Being aggressive on the other hand makes you come off as being confrontational, argumentative and violent, even if you're trying to make a good point. Assertiveness means being direct and standing by it, there's no time to beat around the bush, whatever you need to say, should be said In the most emphatic way possible but with a tone of firmness.

2) Be seen: In order for you to be heard, well you need to be seen first. I'm not just talking about you being seen physically, I mean that you should be able to leave an imprint on people's mind- obviously a positive imprint. Being seen means being involved. Sitting back and waiting around to be asked to do things before you do them might actually limit your chances of being seen, especially if such activity will help you in the long run. Add value but quit the 'high service', that will just backfire terribly. Be remembered for something great.

3) Brush Up Your Influencing Skills: Learn ro always have a positive effect anywhere you find yourself. Some people are already known for the worst wherever they go, they always forget that the world we live in is a very small one, and because of their negative influencing skills, their bad character precedes them. For you to influence positively, you shouldn't wait till you're compelled to do something, it should be part of you something that comes naturally. Being Influential required consistency and commitment to whatever cause you set to do.

4) Refuse To Be a Pushover: Don't be easily swayed! Refuse to be the underdog! Strive to make yourself heard! Some people are experts in pushing people over and if you do nothing to stop them, you might as well just get comfy at the ground level. Refuse to be pushed over and around, everybody including you deserves a shot at being the best so take that shot and use it to your own advantage!

5) Be Kind and Polite: It costs nothing but it makes a huge difference on how you're rememebered. A simple act of kindness goes a long way in engraving you in the heart of your recipient. Words like 'thank you' shouldn't be scarce from our daily lingua. If we do all of the above mentioned points and we don't have that heart of kindness, it's all in futility. Show some love today and be heard.

That's it guys!

Over to You...

In what ways have you been ignored and pushed over? How have you overcomed it? I would love to know your thoughts.

Have a pleasant week ahead.



  1. This is lovely! I can totally relate to this post! I have been a victim once of not voicing out your opinion because you feel someone might get at you. If you keep quiet most times, people think you are a push over, so, it's best to express your thoughts in a polite and confident way.

    Thanks for this!


    1. Well said Vickie! Thanks for stopping by❤❤

  2. Being heard is so important that some people embark on the journey by being rude, proud and arrogant. I totally being assertive with our actions and words in order to be heard.


    1. No lies there hun, thank you for reading❤


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