I promised and I delivered! Lol

Welcome to the second part of my Valentine's special posts. This post as I explained here , is for the singles. In other words, I would be sharing some ways in which you can enjoy Valentine's day as a single.

Valentine's day is a day to show love isn't it? Now if you find yourself without a significant other on Valnetines day, this is not a good enough reason to mope around or be hateful of the love others are 'sharing'. So why not show yourself some love instead? How bout dah? πŸ˜‰

I have discovered that a lot of people tend to interpret Valentine's day to be 'dependency' day either unknowingly or knowingly and this shouldn't be so. Its okay to want to be loved, actually everybody wants to be loved but like I said earlier, being single on a day like this is not the end of the world and here's how to go about it like a PRO!

1) Go About Your Normal Business: I mean obviously, instead of going through every tom, dick and Harry's instagram feed or Twitter timeline, how about actually trying to be productive and get some work done. School, work, business, just go about your normal business.

2) Have a Proper Movie Marathon: This is the part me I like😊 After a long day, treat yourself to a nice bath and then settle down to a nice movie and series and you can also include some comedy to it and laugh away. While you're at it, don't forget to much on something and a cold drink to go down with it. Val....what?

3) Have a Friend's Hangout: If you're not one for movies, you can call up your fellow single friends and take yourselves out. While I was in school, my friends and I did this, we even got ourselves a cake! It was a very eventful night. Go to a karaoke bar, go to the movies, I mean just chill and have fun.

4) Pamper Yourself: If you followed my Self Love Challenge , you'll remember that one of the things to actually enhance your self love is to treat yourself well. Get yourself something nice that you can afford of course, get a manicure, just do something that makes you happy! This is a perfect 'Me-time' opportunity, so don't waste it. Cherish it and love yourself all over again.

If Bae or Boo now comes after all these, then read my previous post Here  😊✌

Over to You...

What are your thoughts on these tips? Are you single, how would you celebrate your Valentine's day? I would love to know.

Happy Valentine's day in advance.



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