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Our February Style Personality is a guy that I honestly love his style! The fact that style to him means more than dressing up is also something I admire. So without wasting your time, let's get right to it!

A: Hello! Can you please tell us a bit about yourself?

C: I'm Christos. I have 3 sisters and I love them so much,  First child and the only son. How's that for basics?  Lol

A: Haha! Its cool. If I was to describe your style I would say it's very classy, but how would you describe your style?

C: I describe my style as smart casual. I find the "smartest" pieces of clothing I own,  dress it up and put a twist to it.  So I sort of dangle between both worlds of business  smart and laid back casual. My style has been described by friends as "urban"  or even "street-ish". So my style can be described as any of those. 

A: Smart casual has a nice ring to it I must say. What are some of your fashion do's and dont's? 

C: For me,  I try not to follow any fashion rule so I don't prescribe fashion does and dont's to others. Fashion and style to me should be personal,  I can only offer style advice though. Do wear clothes that make you feel confident and comfortable. Do learn all the fashion and style rules and boldly break them (put a twist to your dressing,  no matter how small). 
Don't box yourself in your fashion. And don't wear something you feel insecure in,  always "own"  your dressing! Remember the background of every dressing is to project confidence. 

A: That actually makes sense. Do you believe in the saying "the way you dress is the way you will be addressed" ? If so why?

C: YES I do believe in the saying,  although it's shameful that society judges people based on how they are dressed. Someone shabbily dressed may have more to contribute to society than an executive in a suit and tie. My advice is always make an effort so that you're not addressed wrongly by people,  reason being some people may never have the chance to talk to you but they sort of draw an inference from the way you dress.  So make an effort,  dress your best! 
Not sure if that answers the question... Lol

A: It definitely does and I totally agree with dressing your best! Okay so tell me, what are your 5 most loved fashion items, that you own of course?

C: Mehn, my shoes have to be first. Followed closely by my socks (life is too bright to wear just black coloured socks). Third my shirts (been digging 'grand dad' collared shirts recently).  Fourth my trousers (ASOS' s skinny cropped trousers does it for me). Finally my accessories,  this could be anything ranging from watches (I just have 2 before I sound like a proud,  crazy watch head), beads,  pocket squares (I use these to spice up my shirts that have pockets so they are not redundant),  suspenders (I use this to dress down a jeans by just letting them down by the sides ) and ties. 
That's my not so exhaustive list.. 

A: "Life is too bright to wear just black coloured socks" Love this! ... Who/What inspires your style?

C:  Well who hasn't inspired my style.. Lol.  Many times random strangers that I assess dress well, I copy their style and put a tiny twist to mine. I'm a fashion copy cat. I think every style can be improved and made your own. But two Youtubers inspire me,  Ari Fitz and TeachingMenFashion (y'all should check them out). To the question what inspires me,  Pinterest for sure. 

A: Nice. I'm still trying to understand pinterest though. Is fashion something you intend to go into professionally or is it more like a hobby?

C: YES fingers crossed,  it's a path I'll love to explore and the part fashion and style plays in one's confidence. I grew up being a shy guy with massive low self esteem and I would love to,  through the angle of fashion,  encourage guys from similar background as me to love and appreciate themselves. 
Plus my 'bestest' friend Michelle (please check her YouTube channel out,  Just Meechy) won't let me breathe if I don't pursue my love for fashion a tiny bit. So I'll have to see what lies ahead "professional style coach" wise for me. Since getting an accounting job seems not to be that interesting anymore and I don't want to be a one facet guy. 

A: I like that your friend already. What do you do at the moment?

C: I'm currently doing my Masters in Financial Decision Analysis at the University of Portsmouth. Opportunity to advertise myself.... Lol.. I do bit of photography on the side and I plan to start a YouTube channel soon (just putting finishing touches to the plan) to sort of connect with other guys and ladies with similar fashion ambitions.

A: Ooohh nice, I cant wait to start watching your videos. Personally, I think style for guys is quite limited and predictable unlike for ladies, what's your take on this?

C: I think what you meant to say is "fashion" for guys is limited. Yes I quite agree with that because you can only do so much with trousers (make it ripped, baggy  skinny,  super skinny,  or shorts) or shirt (long or short sleeves,  slim fit, high,  regular or micro collars) .  Either ways they're still limited,  Fashion for men is not widely new anymore . But for ladies,  fashion for y'all is a continuous,  not the same trend and you guys have the luxury of being fluid in your fashion (although that's rapidly changing with guys wearing skirt and stuff now... Oh well!) 
But style for guys is not limited because style is simply how each guy wears item of clothing or men fashion to "suit"  themselves.  Different combinations of different clothing item,  And this will forever vary from one individual to another,  so that bit can't be limited because you have endless possibilities. Hopefully that makes sense... (I'm really doing poorly answering these questions ain't I?) Lol

A: You sha got the message, lol but then I stand to be corrected, and don't worry you're doing really well...So, what is the number one thing on your fashion wishlist this year?

C: A camel coat!  (Y'all feel free to wire money to my account for this... Lol) 

A:  I dont even know what that is, but you heard the man!...Okay, so are there any brands that you would want to work with in the nearest future?

C: ASOS definitely,  I just like the trendiness of their lines and you can tell the thought of the designer from each of their products. And , although they do not currently own a fashion brand but they offer FREE style recommendation to guys.  I'll like to work with them just so I have a window to the fashion industry here. (You guys should definitely sign up to them) In Nigeria (forgive me I do not know too many brand designers) Emma Collins probably,  I like his 'rebel'  approach to fashion and men style.  He shares my ideal that fashion should challenge convention in a logical and modest manner. And whilst answering these questions someone mentioned Yomi Casual to me,  so maybe him also (Aramide make the call and link me up).. Lol

A: Haha! We'll see ;) ...Would you say that your stay in the UK has affected your style in anyway?

C: YES I can credit coming to the UK for my change in perspective and attitude to 'dressing up'. Judging my popsy is not here to pick out my shoes or come up to say 'I saw this nice shirt and got it for you'  and you find the shirt sleeves is too long or the collar is too big (Love you Dad!). The UK has allowed me to be independent and confident in my style. 

A: I'm going to show this to your dad😊, lol but that's good to know. Is there any trend(s) you're looking forward to in particular this year?

C:  Hmm... Let's see! I'm actually looking forward to seeing what shops have in store for the summer.  Graphic tees please!! 

A: How would you describe the role of social media when it comes to style and fashion?

C: For us millennials,  social media plays an important role in our lives. We all have two or three social media platforms that we often check for updates on everything ranging from fashion to fitness,  to healthy eating to lifestyle advice. We want to dress like the GQ men and the Hollywood A-listers we see online. We want to know the next big thing and all these information we get mostly off social mediums. More of the way we dress or address others mirrors the stuff we see on social media (and the Internet). 

A: That's very accurate. Thank you so much Chris for agreeing to this, I had fun and I really appreciate it. Stay stylish!

C: Thanks so much Aramide for the opportunity to share my weird life. Appreciative of the amazing work you're doing with this platform. You know you have a fan in me. Cheers! 

There you have it guys!

Over to You...

Do you like his style? What part of his interview did you like? I would love to know.

P.s- TODAY IS HIS BIRTHDAY!!!! Don't forget to drop your wishes as well. You can also follow him on instagram >>> @Christos.gee

P.P.S- If you know anybody that you think should be a style personality, please kindly let me know.πŸ™

Happy Birthday Chris.



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