#MondayInspiration: 4 Reasons Why You Need A Great Support System

While I was sitted in church yesterday, we had our quarterly sunday school preview and one of the topics had to do with helping and supporting others, with specific reference to Aaron and Hur as they lifted up moses's hand during the battle between the Isrealites and Amalekites. This singular act eventually led to the success on the part of the Israelites. (Exodus 17 : 12)

Now before then, I had already been thinking about writing on the importance of having a great support system in our lives and yesterday was a confirmation for me. So here we are!

How was your weekend? Mine was very eventful😊 more details later in the week!

Often times, we all like to put up a show of having it all together when we really don't. Truth is, it's okay to feel lost, helpless, confused and all those other emotions we dread but that is what makes you human. So, rather than make people think that you totally "got this" when you don't got nothing, let them know! Especially those you know are in total sync with your person, your dreams and aspirations.

A great support system will always take you one step ahead to your success and it is very important that we have one. There are certain reasons why you need a support system and I'll be sharing some with you today.

To Help You Discover And See Your True Potentials: The kind of people you surround yourself with obviously plays a major role in your journey in life not just even career wise. Surrounding yourself with positive minded people, people who are driven and have your best interests at heart is one of the greatest investments you can ever have. They might be rare but they definitely exist.

To Keep You Motivated: Those days when it just seems like you're far behind the schedule of life and everybody else seems to have it together or are catching up, this person or set of people are there to keep you motivated. I am so thankful for the amazing family and friends that make up my support system, that's something I wouldn't trade for anything. They're there to ensure that you don't lose hope, making sure that you come out from whatever guy you find yourself in.

To Tell You Exactly How It Is: One of the very amazing characteristics of a great support system is being able to tell you point blank how you're fairing in terms of attitude  , achievement of goals to mention but few. They won't sugar coat because they expect you to do the same for them. Yeah that's right, it works both ways. Sometimes we all need some tough love to get us back on track and this is what they do.

To Guide You On The Part Of Success: They constantly remind you that there is a height that you're supposed to get to and they will do everything within their power to drag you there if need be. That joy you get from knowing that there is someone or some people who believe in you will drive you to do better.

A great support system as the name implies, is there to 'lift your hand' when they seem to be coming down as a result of weariness or any other reason. While it is important that we are our own person and believe in ourselves, it is also important that we have people who put us back on track should we waver in this self-confidence . Like the saying goes "no man is an island"  so therefore, we all need somebody to lean on.

Over to You...

Do you have a support system? How have they helped you get closer to your goals? I would love to know

P.s- My very good friend and gospel rap artiste White Mic has dropped another hit! Y'all need to listen to this one http://bit.ly/2l094bq
Its titled "Apostle"

Have an amazing week!



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