Hey guys!

Happy Easter :) I hope you're enjoying the little holiday, mine was okay but please just remind me never to use the ATM a day before a public holiday again.
Anyway, so I know today is not a work day and you really don't need an inspiration to enjoy yourself,but you know Its #Mondayinspiration and I'm kind of obligated to post. So just sit back,relax and enjoy reading *wink*
Here goes...

When you hear the word "SLAY", what comes to your mind? Murder, Killing? Or perhaps in contemporary lingua, 'Killing' by mode of dressing, make up and all sorts of things? What does Slaying mean to you?

The Urban dictionary defines Slaying as an act of dominating, kicking ass, and succeeding in doing something.
Now this definition, I like.

Nowadays Slaying is mostly characterized by awesome dressing, impeccable make up and a beautiful hairdo. This is not a bad thing at all. In fact,I'm 100% up for being very stylish because the way you dress is the way you will be addressed so why look so shabby?

My point is let's look beyond the superficial and let's go in-depth for a bit. Apart from your dress and make up, do you know that you can also slay at work or in whatever you find yourself doing? Remember that whatever is worth doing at all is worth doing well. Success is attractive and failure is an orphan. Trust me when I say nobody wants to keep hanging out with an overgrown Barbie..or Ken

I mean, being 'on fleek' is necessary, but allow me to tell you that it also goes beyond your eyebrows. It means you are flawless, perfect, extremely good and skillful. Channelling your Slaying attributes into something that you love and succeed at, will definitely make you stand out. Be the one they run to for all the advices one can think of; style,relationships,lifestyle,inspiration,etc.

Always have it at the back of your mind that there's a huge difference between 'kicking ass' and 'kissing ass' (forgive my language).
So when you decide to slay, it is pertinent that you slay completely because beauty and brains will definitely make you kick ass,but when you decide to rely completely on looks and dresses, I'm sorry to tell you that the world needs more than that and we dont want you kissing ass now do we?Eventually we will all become a memory in the sand of time, are you trying to leave a mark of just merely going by?
Dominate your environment and be on top of your game, only then are you fit to be called a Slayer.

Have a lovely week ahead.

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