Friends like Sisters

Hi guys,
How are you and how has your weekend been so far?I hope you're prepared for the new week too?don't worry it'll be a beautiful one for us.
So I actually just woke up from a really long nap and remembered that I had to write and post on here,the rain was just too perfect thank God I didn't oversleep.
To the main issue, so you guys know those people who you meet at some point in your life and your initial thoughts of them is that they're snubbish and mean and it's an established fact that you can't get along with such people and all of a sudden you find out that you're actually becoming close to such people, to the extent that they say they're your 'manager' lol (so if you didnt know that i had a manager, there you go).I'm sure we all have such friends.

Anyway this post is actually centered on one of such people. This young woman is one of those people who push you to maximize your potentials to the fullest so it's safe to say she does a really good job as a manager. You know that proverb that says 'show me your friend and I will tell you who you are'? She takes it really seriously. I mean what's the point of you're so high up there and your friend is struggling and battling and you're just looking? You need to drag your friend along. We actually grew from being strangers to good friends and I've gotten to know her as a beautiful soul in and out over the years. She's generous to a fault,kind hearted and focused.I could go on and on but I'll just leave you with a few of her attributes.

Did I mention that she also knows how to help you spend your money..'wisely'?
Imagine this. "Deola just buy this court shoe,you know if you don't,you won't know what you used the money for besides you can never have too many court shoes" that's what I have to deal with everyday.
Now you're probably thinking 'aww what a sweet girl' please, as my one of my friends will say 'allow that thing' she's a pain in the ass. Who wakes another person in the middle of the night to tell them to spell 'learner or accessories' or to ask what 'MWME' means? Yeah that's right,Modupe Kuti.

I cannot forget to mention that she's a serious Jack of all trades,master of ------
She's a dermatologist well at least mine,weave dealer, fabric seller,makeup artist,personal shopper,sociologist,tv anchor,personal housegirl, to mention but few. There's however a particular thing she's decided to Stick to..for now and that's fashion blogging. I can say confidently that she's very good at It I know this because she's a fashionista to the core. A little of that glamour might have rubbed off on me because when I see my constantly increasing number of handbags I just think to myself and say 'kuti what have you done to me'.
So my lovelies,if ever in doubt of what to wear and how to wear it (just for ladies), www.beautybydupsey.blogspot.comis just a click away, don't worry guys,I'll hook you up with something soon. I also hear that there might be a giveaway soon,so you better hurry there because you never know when you might be the proud owner of a brand new chanel bag or a utopia block heel sandal (that's right I do know my shoes!).
She'll probably say I'm too mushy when she reads this post but like I always say, some days are meant for mushiness. It might also seem like this post is directed to one person,you can be rest assured that this girl has plenty of love to go round *wink*
Stick around for #mondayinspiration tomorrow and don't forget to always appreciate your friends.
P.s-I love you..xoxo


  1. Awww! I have no words.... Love you dear!


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