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Hi guys,
How are you and how has your week been so far? Can't wait for the weekend right? You're not alone. Let me ask you guys a quick one before I proceed. Do you guys randomly think about how our own kids will behave,things they will do and all that stuff? Let me tell you why I'm asking. So I went to my cousin's one year old party some days back and they did this their usual dance competition and then there was this girl that shouldn't be more than 6 years old who was 'whining' so well! My mouth was literally opened while I was watching her. In my head I was like 'who taught her?!' But then again I just concluded that some kids are just very very talented. When I was her age I could dance in fact ,I was the 'makosa queen' (okay nobody called me that) but I could definitely not whine.
I guess we've really evolved.

So to the business of today; you guys know those things that couples do that seem weird and random to a third party but sometimes it's actually cute? Yeah, I researched and compiled some of it and decided to share with you and then I have an assignment for you at the end of the post. Guess you'd have to read till the end now wont you? ;)

1) Eating off each other's plate; this is like the most common one and it mostly concerns the ladies. Me I don't understand why somebody that has food in front of them will still be doing 'longa-longa' for another person's food. Lol, I think it's just cute to see their faces when you do that, I'd do it anyday.
2) Leaving the bathroom door open while you're doing the 'number 2'; This is basically a test..I guess. I mean if you cant stand the smell,How do I know you're not playing me?we need to be sure you know.
3) Kissing with morning breath; Oh wow let's ignore the fact that the dumpster needs a mint, let's dive all the way in. Its afterall for a good cause.
4) Tickle Torture; this one I certainly do not like but I guess it's nice to see you all giggly and squirmy with tears in your eyes. Sweet victory.
5) Randomly scaring each other; What's better than an awesome scare? Nothing!Lol,that's until you get seriously punched in the face or somewhere more devastating.
6) Texting them when they're just beside you to do the most random things like passing the remote or the glass of water. Really?
7) Midnight calls; This was my thing some years back,God bless Mtn and Glo. I remember someone I used to date then would say he likes it when we fell asleep while talking to each other. Thinking about it now I'm like see sweet opportunity for cancer abi all those other deadly diseases that someone can get through phones. Things we do for love though.
8)Playing Video games; Some ladies myself inclusive can't play any video games to save their lives but yet they still try to play with their boyfriends or husbands even though they have no clue what they're doing. We just don't want you to play alone..You're welcome.
9) Weird pet names; I know we want a break from the norm but..baby cakes,batty boo, funny bunny,fruit loops, madam, jelly beans, Angel, baby girl, darling moi, Dunlop,Heavy-Heavy, sweet potato, tomato jos,jollof rice..Really?
10) Playing Pranks; How I love this one *evil grin* but how old did you say you were again?
11) Having your own way of communicating; probably a language you made for yourself, you know that face people make when they are confused? yeah,we like seeing it.
12) Taking weird selfies and videos; so cute.
13) Finishing each other's sentences; I Have no clue what you're about to say but I just want to annoy you so i'll just finish off your sentences with gibberish. This is usually very annoying in the beginning but at the end of the day It's just really funny.
14) Having a song that you refer to as 'our' song; I know a LOT of people who have this and it is kinda cute. I mean in the end it's just the both of you against the world right? So, let's get singing shall we?

Most of these things actually seem really silly and I know I'm no relationship expert but I can tell you that if your relationship doesn't have one of these moments, then you guys are doing it all wrong and you need to spice things up!
I hope you had fun reading this post as much as I did writing it though? Now which of these things can you really relate with? I also know that there are some other ones I didn't include because I don't know about them, so if you could be so generous as to enlighten me ,I await your response in the comment section.
Hugs and kisses.
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Sources: www.herinterest.com


  1. Very nice write up..
    Here are what I feel could be included, but it might seem pretty weird to some :)
    * Farting
    * Belching
    * Sharing clothes
    * Having leftover drink/food

    ---Ade keep it upπŸ‘

    1. Thank you so much for reading and sharing♡♡♡

  2. Hmmm,luv doctor,Nice one though,I think pillow fight should b added πŸ˜ƒ

    1. Thanks for reading and commentingπŸ˜‰


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