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Hello my lovelies,
Happy New month..How are you doing today and how was your weekend?trust it was beautiful..I'm sorry I missed my 'almost regular' #Mondayinspiration, it was due to some unforseen circumstances that I can't divulge right, don't worry I'll try not to miss the next one.
So another month has gone by in 2016 huh? It was really fast I must say,I hope all the months will go by this fast. February was particularly a beautiful month for me,like from the very first day,I started to see God working. I might not have gotten all I that I asked but I believe that with each new month comes a new gift.
Yesterday, as we all know was a 'leap day' one we won't see again until after another four years. Remember when I told you at the beginning of February that we're leaping into everything good? A lot of people will just skim through it without actually believing it. Well Guess what?it's not too late. All you have to do is take a leap of faith into this month of March and believe that you're breaking through whatever has been holding you back from achieving and that you're moving on to higher grounds.
It definitely won't be all that rosy especially when there are a lot of things steadily waiting to discourage you,but you know nothing good comes easy and as I usually say,it's always darkest before the dawn so, keep pressing on.
I personally think that we have become too familiar and comfortable with our present location and it's high time we moved, I mean change is the only constant thing right?
I pray that this month of March brings forth good news,elevation ,recovery and a whole lot of other yummy things for us all.
Have a beautiful week
I love you too much..
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By the way,how many people has this heat almost roasted :|


  1. Me o! This heat has turned my skin color to burnt brown!


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