There's a certain kind of joy that comes with writing a wishlist, it's similar to writing a prayer request. It's like you're putting it out there and just hopeful that it has happened already.

So guys, my birthday is a week away, which is so surreal by the way! I mean, August already? Anyway, this post is a compilation of some of the things a girl dreams of having for her birthday. A girl can dream right?

Here goes...

1) MONEY: Lots and Lots of it! I already know that Abba is on this particular matter, so I'm alright.

2) Piper Tassel Bag From Shopmaju: So, I've been looking to get a new handbag for a while now, but my bank account has been telling me that my old ones are still very beautiful.πŸ˜†
Maju has my heart on a norm, but when I saw this bag, in fact, I was love-struck, hopefully I'll get it soon.

3) Embroidered Sneakers: It's embroidery season! Everywhere you look, there's just something with that little flower on it and honestly, it really does make everything beautiful. This particular sneakers from haute signatures is something I've been eyeing for a while, I'm not really sure about this black one, but I absolutely love the white version!

4) A Wig or Wigs!
This particular item is of serious importance, as in extremely serious lol. This everytime making hair life is not really for me mehn. Sometimes, you just need something that you can put on and remove at will without tampering with your being 'on fleek'. You get my drift right? These wigs from @ngb.wigs just have my heart, they are beautiful and I can't wait to lay my hands on them!

5) A Shopping Voucher: Yes! I really wish this would come to pass. A shopping voucher for @debbonaire's diary, @shopmaju, @mayrushonline, @Izihann, @payporte (I've really missed my happy feet promos), and so many other stores will make me very happy. Please which girl doesn't like to shop? πŸ˜†

6) Gold Block Heels: Can we just take a minute to appreciate the beauty that is this gold shoe? You guys already know I'm an unapologetic shoe freak, but we can all agree that this shoe is all shades of awesome! Every girl needs this on her shoe rack honestly and that includes me😊
This pair is from @styleloft1 and they have some very good deals too.

7) A Massage/Spa Session: Some blogger babes recently went for a massage therapy at laguru fitness club here in Abuja and from their pictures, I could tell that they were relaxed already. That made me realize how much I need that kind of session too, I've been a little stressed of late, and I would love nothing more than a deep tissue massage to ease some of that stress.

8) A New Web/Blog Design: Revamping my blog is one of my goals this year and I have been seriously working towards it and saving up for it, but see if I stumble upon free opportunity, I will fly on it, notice I didn't say jump? You know you will too, so don't judge me😌

Moral lesson: It's not only bag and clothes that fill up my head. 😏

9) A New Phone: I'm not a phone freak though and I haven't really given much thought to the kind of phone I want next, but I am positive that I want a new phone
(Any phone ideas or suggestions?)

10) Kurt Cobain Glasses: Okay, I won't lie to you this is not even that important, but I just wanted to put it here. This particular glasses is currently an ongoing trend and personally, I just love its quirkiness, and I feel it will be different from the normal shades I wear. I probably will get it just to see the different reactions to it. This one is from haute signatures and it is pretty affordable.

11) Secret Wish: Lol, Okay so this one is just between me and God hence the title. 😜
If I get this one ehn, I'm okay. So can you help me be praying tooπŸ™

Okay guys, this is just a part of some things that I wish for, I know I can be vain sometimes,  but I hope your enjoyed reading though?

What are some of the things on your wishlist? Let's talk in the comment section.



  1. Seem like we are not just sharing birth month we are also sharing wishes. All these and much more are some of the things I wish for. I pray your wishes are granted tho. Happy birthday in advance dear. When is your birthday date? Mine is August 14th

    1. Amen and Amen! I wish you so much more too! Mine is on the 6th girl, Happy Birthday in advance hunπŸ’•


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