Networking is one of the major neccesities that a blogger or influencer has to get around for his/her growth and progress in this modern day and age.
After our first meet up in march, we stayed in touch and decided on another one that eventually took place on Saturday the 24th of June 2017 at City Park, Wuse 2.

This time around, I also met new people like LilyofNigeria  , Cynthia of Shugasdiary  , Alexandre who was the only guy in our midst and lastly Binta.
Sarah of Princessaudu was also present, as well as Deka of Diaryofanabujamom  , Mimi of Ramblingsofmimi who was the brain behind the meet up was obviously in attendance too.


Cynthia of shugasdiary 


We started off with a game that Mimi suggested. For every line on the tissue paper you cut, you have to say something about yourself, it was pretty interesting and funny.
As usual, we talked about content creation, blogging and how to develop ourselves more. We had a more 'structured' line-up than the last time which was amazing! If you look through most of the pictures, you'd notice I was paying serious attention and listening, in fact, I had my goal digger planner with me and almost all of us had something to write in, we didn't go there to play at allπŸ˜†

Deka of diaryofanabujamom 

 I learned a new term from sarah too; "Shadow Banning" (Sarah I hope i got it right?) It has to do with the visibility of your posts through hashtags. Using the same set of hashtags everytime might not produce the kind of result you want, especially because of the new dynamics of Instagram, so you have to be creative and switch it up!


We also learned a little about how SEO works from LilyofNigeria. 'Have a solid 9/10 lines of actual words before introducing pictures and images in your blog posts' that way your post have better chances of being seen.

Collaborations between brands and influencers is also one topic that we definitely had to talk about, we however said, before you say you want to approach a brand, it is important to focus on your audience first, because these brands will look at your reach before deciding whether they want to work with you or not.
The need to constantly improve on ourselves was also pointed out, and working on your blog name (this one I'm definitely working on!)

I feel like you guys just attended the event too😏

Afterwards, we went into other discussions like tribes and religions, likes and dislikes- I told them I didn't like fish and they thought I was weird! πŸ˜•
We also made mention of some 'top shots' in the blogosphere and how much they charge for posts on their instagram alone! Fam! we will get there.

Mimi also brought some sweets for us to nibble on while we discuss, (yes she's really nice) that's why I had that lollipop in my mouth for God knows how long! I guess I'm not really a fan of sweets afterall.

The Beautiful Mimi

Lastly we talked about taking this initiative to the next level and making it bigger. You'd have to watch out for that one *lips sealed*
I was the first to leave so I can't really say what might have been discussed after I left, but it was a great meeting and I'm glad I went.

If you're a content creator in Abuja, you should definitely look out for the next event so that you'll come around, the power of networkibg cannot be overemphasised, it promises to be even greater!

Thank you for reading till the end!

Over to You...

What event(s) have you attended recently? What did you learn? I would love to know your thoughts.

Have a blessed week!



  1. I missed this one cos it was my birthday and I felt like just staying indoor all through the day πŸ˜“πŸ˜“ and reflect.

    But the next one, it's me and you all! Can't wait to meet with all these amazing minds πŸ‘

    1. Aww, happy belated birthday dear, we look forward to meeting you too!😊


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