Issa style personality post again!!
I don't know why I'm always excited when it's time for this particular segment, I hope you're excited too though? It's going to be a lituation!

How are you guys doing? I'm very well too, thanks for asking😊

Okay, so today's style personality is a very beautiful ladywith style and confidence, and I've been following her style for like three years now (I promise I'm not a stalker) and I just told myself she had to be here. Approaching her was really easy because she's very pleasant. She's also a successful entrepreneur and an all round wonderful lady. I particularly have a special love for her because she's also a portable lady, you know we portables stick together.😊

Yes that's enough talk, let's get right to it! It's quite lengthy, but I'm sure you'd love it!

A: Hello! Can you please introduce yourself?

F: I am Oluwadamilola Fisayo Adediran currently at the Nigerian law school. I am an introvert who has a passion for corporate law, fashion and everything hair. Consequently, you will never find me having a bad outfit or hair day.

A: Wow! Is all I can say to an intro like that! Style in itself is a very diverse language, what would you say style means to you personally?

F: Style is a way of expressing one’s self or personality through their outfit or appearance.  Also, the same outfit can be worn by different people in different way, the way you ‘wear’ an outfit can be described as your style.

A: Very true. I have been an ardent follower of your style for a while now, and I will say that it is classy and chic! How would you describe your style?

F: Yes my style is classy and chic. I love wearing structured clothes, bags … they effortlessly give you the chic and classy look. I don’t like tacky looking things, for instance if a cloth doesn’t fit perfectly it’s tacky so it has to be slim fitted, if it’s not properly done and neatly tucked in, it’s tacky, leggings is a no for me; I only wear them to the gym. 

A: Yass! Say no to tackiness! Okay so, would you say that you have always been a stylish and fashion conscious person, or is it something you developed along the line?

F: I guess I’ve always had it In me but It got better over time when I started picking my own clothes and doing my own shopping. 

A: What do you consider as some wardrobe staples for a woman?

F: Blazers/jackets, little black dresses, long bodycon dresses, dresses generally, crop tops, skirts (skater/bodycon), pants, jeans (even though I’m not much of a fan)

A: Not a fan of jeans? Well that’s a first for me! Lol. So, I noticed that you're into shoes (Hey soul sister!) I want to ask, what recent shoe trends are you currently loving?

F: I don’t really follow trends but I’ll say sliders and strappy sandals or stilettos. I don’t think I’ll ever wear the mules even though I think it looks great on other people.

A: I’m with you on the mules thing, I just can’t bring myself to wear one, but strappy sandals, I love! Can you tell us who/what inspires your style?

F: I guess it just comes naturally, but covenant university contributed to my love for dressing formal , and I love Janelle monae’s style. She’s always looking formal and classy and the black and white outfits just kill it!

A: I totally agree! Janelle always kills it, and yes I have to give it to CU ladies, when it comes to dressing, they do a great job. What are the top 2 things on your fashion wish list this year?

F: I really don’t have a wish list, If I see something I love I buy it and if I cant afford it then I don’t want it.

A: Ha! I want to be like you when I grow up! What are you most likely to wear for a black-tie event, where you might appear on the red carpet? (Describe in details please!)

F: I’m most likely to wear a short ball dress or a long off shoulder/sleeveless bodycon dress with a long ass front slit, strappy heels, blinged clutch and accessories to match.

A: Perfect Combo! You must really like your bodycon dresses. Tell me,  Have you ever thought about going into the fashion industry more professionally, for instance, styling people, having your own fashion brand? 

F: Nah, but if I ever decide to, it’ll be styling people. I already do that for free to people close to me. 

A: I think you’d make a great stylist though. Are you a loose-fit or a tight-fit kinda girl?

F: Thank you. Totally tight-fit!

A: Girl, you know this! What would say are some of the 'must-haves' for summer?

F: Shorts, short skater/bodycon skirts, crop tops, play suit, tan/strappy tops, long/short sun dresses

A: What do you do at the moment?

F: I am currently at the Nigerian law school and I run my business alongside @bellevirginextensions

A: Oh, that's cool, Tell us a bit about your online store 'Belle Virgin Extensions'

F: Belle virgin extensions as the name implies is aimed at making every woman beautiful and chic, and we do this by selling the best quality human hair extensions at the most affordable prices. We also provide hair services like revamping old weave, weave treatments, wig making, hair colouring and so on.  

A: That's great! Ladies, don’t say I didn’t do anything for you, belle virgin extensions is your one stop for your quality hair! You better don’t sleep on it! 
Can you please rearrange these items in the order of how much you love them? Wristwatch, Wide leg pants, Shoe, Handbag, Off shoulder top, Denim Jacket, Statement necklace

F: Shoes, Statement necklace/wristwatch, Off shoulder top, Hand bag , Wide leg pants, Denim jacket 

A: You’re really not a denim woman! What fashion trend(s) in 2017 can you say you really like and why?

F: Like I mentioned earlier, I don't really follow trends, so I honestly can't  tell. But I know I do not like the ‘flower’ embroidery trend though.

A: For real?  Okay I'm not with you on that one lol! What would be your best advice when it comes to dressing and fashion?

F: Always make an extra effort to not look ordinary, this can easily be done by accessorizing (brooches, statement neckpieces, wristwatch, bracelets, etc.) and putting on nice heels. Also, always have great looking hair, it compliments your outfit. Always look great because you’ll never know who you’re going to meet or what opportunity you might get. 

A: Great Great Tips! Thanks for sharing. This was fun! Thank you so much for agreeing to this Fisayo, stay stylish!

F: Thank you. It was great doing this with you!

Guys, thank you so much for reading till the end, I hope you enjoyed this interview? If you want to see more of fisayo's style, you can follow her on instagram>> @pheesayo.

P.s- if there's anybody you would like to see here on style personality, kindly let me know.  Thank you.

Have a wonderful day!



  1. Her style is chic and classy for real.

    1. You got that right sister! Thanks for stopping by hunπŸ’•πŸ’•

  2. I totally enjoyed it and her personality and style are both amazing!

    1. I agree! Thanks for stopping by hunπŸ’•


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