#Mondayinspiration || 12 Smart Money Lessons

Happy Easter Guys!

I hope you enjoyed this little holiday? I for one did! As usual this is a #mondayinspiration post to gear you up for the rest of the week, since the holiday is already coming to end!

The 'Smart Money Woman' is one book that I had always wanted to lay my hands on since last year. If You remember correctly, it was on my Holiday wishlist , and even though I didn't get it during Christmas, It came in during the new year which is just as awesome!
You guys know how I have this lucky charm when it comes to giveaways, yeah that's how I got this book and I will forever be grateful to Rhoda of adorhspeaks who blessed me with this gem.

My Badass Flatlay

Okay enough talk! I have quite a number of lessons I learned from this book, not just finiacially but even life lessons! In fact I think they're inexhaustible. I've already read the book twice and I know there are still some things I'm yet to discover. Regardless of whether you're a man or a woman, I believe that this book can teach you a thing or two.

So here goes...

1) Articulate The Vision You Want For Your Life: I mean this is really no news, if you really want something out of life, you need a plan, otherwise you'd find yourself falling into unnecessary problems.
"Success is deeply rooted in having a solid plan that is tailored to what you want..."
Discover your own purpose and contribution in this world and doors will open for you.

2) Confronting Your Fears is Always The Right Step Towards Conquering Them: If you don't stand up to those things that scare you and face them, they'll keep eating you up from a distance which will only get worse, you need to face your fears.
"What you deny or ignore, you delay, what you accept and face, you conquer."

3) Building Wealth Is More About How Much You Keep: It goes beyond just amassing for the purpose of 'saving' and spending, it's more about how much of your income you're able to KEEP and convert into assets that can provide you with an income in the nearest future.

4) You Are An Average Of The Five People You Spend The Most Time With: Best believe it! If you hang out with four broke people, you will be the fifth, if you hang with four buisness minded people, you will be the fifth. You need to invest in a great support system , people who are driven and are ready to admit and make changes when things are not so great, people who will push you to do better. At the end of the day it's "show me your friends and I'll tell you who you are."

5) Be Entrepreneurial In Your Thinking: It's not just enough to be an entrepreneur, as a matter of fact, it's not even compulsory to be an entrepreneur. The most important thing is to be entrepreneurial in your thinking, that way you will always find ways to add value to wherever you find yourself, whether in business or at work.

6) In Every Crisis There is an Opportunity: While we're deep in some of the issues we face in life, there is always a way out but most times, doubts arises and we can't even see the opportunity ahead. During these moments, we need to open out eyes and grab any of such opportunites. This is the time to shame off whatever 'imposter syndrome' you have and just go for it. If You don't ask, the answer will always be No.

7) Track Your Expenses: You have to start paying close attention to what you spend your money on, and learn to control money instead of allowing money control you. Don't wait till your income increases in the future before you learn how to manage them.

8) A Smart Money Woman Does Not Wait For Financial Surprises: She saves towards an emergency fund. Always have a backup plan when it comes to your finances because sometimes life can happen and you're suddenly faced with debts and money issues. Don't wait till then, save up!

9) You Need To Be With Someone Who is Ambitious, Driven, Trustworthy: Someone who will make push you to do better at every cost. You need someone who will take you the way you are, not that you have to make yourself smaller just to accomodate his ego. When a woman is powerful, it only makes the man more powerful, so guys don't be scared of a strong and driven woman.

10) Cultivate a Spending Diet: Some of us are always spending impulsively which is not so good. For us to be smart money people, you need to cultivate a spending diet. However, keep it simple! If you start with an extreme diet and starve yourself, you will eventually binge and put on all the weight you lost in the first place.

11) Never Give in to Negative Thoughts : We all know how self doubt and its entourage always throw their little parties in our head, trying to mess with our confidence and morale, yeah we shouldn't give in to that. Never give up, the sky is just your beginning.

12) Be Your Own Hero: Nobody loves you like you do...well except God of course. In most cases, you have to learn to be your own hero, because every other person is going through their own battles and are busy trying to save themselves. So stop wallowing in your pity party and get cracking!

That's it guys!

Over to You...

I hope you learned a few things from this post? Have you read the book? What was your major lesson from it? I would love to know your thoughts.

Enjoy the rest of your week!



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