Remember in this post when I said I was thinking of introducing a new segment to the blog? Four months later and Tada!

Welcome to Style Personality! Like I said before now, it's going to be a monthly thing and i really don't want to make it too clichΓ© by restricting it to fashion bloggers alone, (but that's not to say we won't have bloggers on here) rather, i want to 'dig deep' and bring out some very stylish people whom you've probably never come across before.

I hope your week is going wonderfully well? Mine is too.

Unto the business of the day...

Our style personality for this month is someone I've known since my Uni days and I can confidently tell you that her style is on point! (then & now). I might not be one to dress up and all but I know a great fashion sense when I see one. She's extremely creative when it comes to putting pieces together and that's what I really love about her. I've been on her neck to start a fashion blog for some time now, but she has greater plans which you'll find out shortly!

(*Hint* she makes some of her clothes herself)

Enough said, let's get right to it.

A: Can you please introduce yourself

F: I am Oluwafikayo Christabel Onijala...but people call me fikky or christabel lol
A: How would you describe your style?

F: Simple, Girly, playful. I could be a gangster at times lol. I just wear anything i feel comfortable in. Shirts,jeans,gowns,shorts,boots! Name it! I love shades too! 😎

A: Have You always liked fashion or is it something you developed along the line?
F: Well... I just dress without even trying to impress anyone. Then i get compliments and all that, so i started researching for more.. "ok what can i pair with this? how do i get this look" and all that. Growing up,i dressed differently from others. Lol despite all the oversized clothes our mothers used to buy for us, mine still stood out from others.

A: Would you call yourself a 'trend' follower?
F: oh yes! I'm always on instagram and some fashion blogs checking for new trends and styles.

A: What was the experience of fashion school like for you?

F: Well...easy and hard at the same time. Depends on your level of interest and commitment too. If you really wanna know something and you put your mind at it, its easier for you because of your drive. 

A: Who are some of your style icons both home and abroad?

F: Do i even have? I just look at clothes on people's body and imagine how it'll look on me. That's if we have the same body type. But then i think i like this lady; style pantry she's a nigerian lady based abroad. Then some of our nigerian ladies too like Mercy Aigbe, Rita Dominic , Genevieve , Omotola and some bloggers too; Prettyfaze , Nikki n tees...a number of them. I just pick generally.

A: Where do you get the inspiration to put outfits together?

F:  Online... I look at the trends and see if its something I can rock. Most things we know these days especially about fashion is from the social media. I just follow some really stylish people on Instagram and pick one or two things out of their styles. 

A: Asides being a "fashionista" (lol), what else do you do?

F: Well at the moment I'm mainly into fashion. I want to further my learning about fashion, so i registered in another fashion school. Knowledge cant be too much right? Especially when we have new trends all the time! Things change fast you just have to keep yourself updated! 

A: I really admire that. On a lighter note, What would you not be caught wearing?
F: A bikini! Lol. I'll feel like I'm totally naked! maybe if i get my dream bikini body sha lool! Buh that's definitely something i wont be caught wearing. Then coloured hair! It's a no no! You see people carrying lemon,yellow,pink,red hair!!! Like whats that?! Its a huge thumbs down for me.

A: What are some of the "worst" trends you remember from last year?

F: Ripped jeans maybe? People really took it to the extreme! Kilode! You'll see some ripped jeans and you'll almost exclaim. Even a mad person will refuse to wear such! 

A: What trends really caught your attention last year?
F: The palazo. I really love it! It's so cool,playful and chic! You can rock it anywhere,anytim

A: What are you expecting from the Nigerian fashion industry this year?

F: Ermmm i don't know sef lol...what more can be in vogue that's not been in vogue at a time before?? But well I'm expectant. Anything new that comes we'll assess it...if its something i can rock why not? But then there are some things you just shouldn't be caught wearing.

A: What are some of your favourite Nigerian fashion brands?

F: The brands I like are little bit expensive like Deola Sagoe, Style Temple, AprilbyKunbi, etc but they make really nice wears.

A: What tips would you give as regards staying stylish in this recession?

F: Style to me doesn't have to be so expensive. You don't need to empty your bank account all in the name of looking good. All you need to know is how to pair your outfits, like know how to make use of the pieces in your closet.

A: Where do you see yourself in the next five years?
F: I want to have a huge fashion empire! God help me, and its going to be ready to wear. Y'all should be expectant #winks#

A: Thank you Fikayo for agreeing to this and for your time. 

F: Awww my pleasure always! And kudos to you deola, you are doing a great job!!! The sky is your stepping stone in jesus name! Cheers!
A: Amen! Thank you.

And it's a wrap!

Over to You...

Did you like her interview? What are your thoughts on Fikayo's style? Which picture is your favourite?

P.s- If you like fikayo's style like I do 😊, you can follow her in instagram >>> @fikayooo and see more of her lovely ensembles.

P.P.S- If you know anybody that you think should be our style personality for the coming months, you can get across to me and let me know.
NOTE: It is not restricted to ladies alone, Guys are included too.

Thank you for your time and have a lovely day!



  1. She's really a stunner! You did not help us ask if she's single tho.... nice interview btw

    1. Yes she is! That's where we will find you tifeπŸ˜†πŸ˜†
      Thanks for reading hun!

  2. She's stylish! I like the 3rd & 6th pictures more. You should feature yourself though, you're quite stylish

    1. She is! Haha...I'll think about itπŸ˜†
      Thanks for reading hun❤

  3. Nice post! And I love this segment. Thank you for liking me Fikayo lol :)

  4. This was a really nice read. My favorite look has to be the yellow dress + the deep blue denim jacket, classic color block πŸ‘Œ. You should do more of this. Great job!

    1. I love that look too! More of this coming next month😊
      Thanks for reading hun❤❤❤

  5. Interesting...The next style personality has a 'big shoe' to fill.

    1. LmaoπŸ˜† I'm sure the 'shoes' are not that big😊.
      Thanks for reading Chris!

  6. I love this. I'd always been a secret admirer. I tell her when I get to though... winks. I love the agbada-like attire though. It looks like agbada but it's all hers. Her trend, her innovation. Thumbs up Fikky Dearie...xoxo

    1. I love the Agbada too, it's so unique!
      Thanks for reading Tosin❤

  7. This girl right here has so much style! Even her casual outfits stand out. Great post Deola.

    1. She really does😍
      Thank you Oyinlola😚

  8. Replies
    1. Thank you for reading TegaπŸ’•πŸ’•


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